ASMR Tapping & Scratching

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Happy Weekend

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ASMR videos 4 You

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

Here are some new ASMR videos for you to watch, that`s up on my YouTube channel "Solfrid ASMR". I hope you all are doing good and that you will find this videos relaxing and tingling. Have a nice day or night and take care of yourself.


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Time For Your Spa Appointment

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

It`s time for some deep cleaning of your face and ears, and I will also give you a relaxing massage and prepare you for a good night sleep. Breath in, breath out, relax. 

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My Miscarriage Story 10 Weeks

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Happy weekend my Fluffy Teddy Bears and take care!

Pre Recorded Videos

Hello my dear and Fluffy Teddy Bears

I just want to inform you about something, so you don`t have to speculate. Many of my YouTube videos, especially my ASMR videos is pre recorded, meaning I recorded it, edited it, and sometimes even uploaded it several days ago, sometimes weeks and maybe even months. So for me when it`s not a good time for me to record a video for whatever reasons I can push the "publish" button or schedule it to publish itself and that`s it. I`m telling you this because I don`t want you to think I`m recording ASMR videos when I`m sick. I could have done it and I don`t see anything wrong with it if I wanted to, because we all are processing grief in different kind of ways, but it`s not the very best time for me at the moment and I dont want you to think I`m doing something I`m not, and especially under this circumstances. When doing Youtube it`s important for me to try to always have some extra videos if I`m not able to record. Even that can sometimes be really difficult, because there`s a limit to how much I can produce and that limit can vary from time to time, but I do my best.

I think I will share my miscarriage story with you when the time is right. The whole story from beginning to end. YouTube videos like this have helped me a lot in my pregnancy, to know what can happen and what to expect when it`s actually happening. I choose to share my pregnancy journey from the very beginning this time, so I think it`s ok to share my miscarriage as well. 

I want to thank everyone for being so supportive in the comment section in the latest video on my vlog channel. It have helped me a lot. Both me and my husband sat down and read your comments today and it was really touching and heartwarming. Thank you so much. I`m so lucky to have such supportive subscribers. 

Just to update you a little bit. I had cramps this night, I guess light to medium cramps and it came back really intense and painful after I had taken a shower this morning. It did not last for long tho. When I came home from the pharmacy and grocery store I went to the toilet and the baby fell out of me. It was inside its little balloon. We washed it, opened it up and our little bean was perfect and beautiful. It was a really special moment for both of us. We took our time to watch this little miracle, our little baby, our little angel, and then we buried it in our garden under our beautiful tree. 
I will have to go back to the hospital this week to check that everything is ok inside me, I`m still bleeding.


ASMR Ear Stroking Relaxation (No Talking)

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Please Stop Speculate

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

Thank you so much for your nice and supportive comments on my lates pregnancy update. Most of them were really nice and supportive.

Just one thing. Please don`t speculate in my health and why I did not become pregnant any time sooner. There can be so many reasons, reasons that have nothing to do with my physical health or even my mentally health. I`m not obligated to share private or personal information with you, and what I choose to share is something you should not make into your own conclusions. Sometimes there are no specific answers. It`s really frustrating for me and it makes me question if I want to share things like this again. I told you previously that my husband and I tried to become pregnant without trying hard for about four years, meaning we were open to a pregnancy, that`s all. This because we wanted it to happen in a stress free and natural environment without feeling any kind  of pressure. In this period of time I sometimes focused on other things in life and did not think about pregnancy at all. Sometimes I even thought to myself it was a good thing it hadn't happened just yet, and that I should not stress at all about it, that it would happen when the time was right. I was so happy when I got a positive pregnancy test and before that happened I was considering buying ovulations tests. I did not do that tho, because I did not feel in a hurry.




ASMR Relaxation 4 You

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears and happy weekend. I hope you all are doing fine. New ASMR videos is now up on my YouTube channel Solfrid ASMR, and I hope you will find them relaxing and tingling. 

Have a nice day or night and take care!


ASMR Cosmetic Product Sounds Relaxation

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

It`s time to relax. 

Nattinatt! ZZZzzzzzzz

ASMR Eating Sounds Green Pea Soup


ASMR Ear Massage

9 Weeks Baby Bump

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

Pregnancy update WEEK 9 is now up on my youtube channel "Dopyen". Right now am in this period where I`m starting to just look fat and want to go for a run. If someone did not know I was pregnant they would probably just assume I had some extra going on in that front area. I`m a person that would not for anything in the world let myself get fat, because I want to be healthy and healthy means not being fat and overweight. I also don`t get physically attracted to overweight and obesity, that`s just how my body and brain works, so therefor I would not allow myself to do that to myself either. I guess most people don`t want to be overweight and unhealthy and I know it`s not always that easy, but I strongly believe it requires first of all a healthy diet and letting go of certain types of foods. I believe that a low fat plant based diet is the healthiest diet out there for humans, and also the easiest way to have a steady and healthy bodyweight if you don`t want to work out like crazy. I prefer to eat healthy and eat until I`m full to maintain a healthy weight, and work out for the benefits of fitness. Being dependent on taking a run everyday to be able to eat unhealthy would not have worked out well for me, because I do not enjoy to work out a lot and it would still probably kill my body slowly on the inside before it`s time. I prefer to work out by not doing it intentionally by doing house work, canoing, take a walk, or a hike, but it`s no always a good time for that so then I will sometimes have to do the borring workout anyway. 

Have a nice day Fluffy`s

Take care and eat healthy!


ASMR Eating Sounds Tomato Soup

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My Very First Live Show

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears
I have decided not not publish my very first live show on my ASMR channel Solfrid ASMR, because the sound quality is so bad, and also I don`t know if I want to have live shows up anyways on a regular basis because the video quality is bad, and I can`t edit out things I don`t want. Anyway, I will share this live show with you on my blog, so enjoy. 
Listen with your HEADPHONES and you will hear me more clearly, even if the sound is pretty low.  

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Some morning thoughts

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

I did my very first live show today on my YouTube ASMR channel! It was pretty random and spontaneously. It`s not the video above, but I think it might be up on my channel later for you to see. I don`t know if I will keep it public for a very long time, because I don`t know the quality of the sound. Many complained about to bad sound, so I guess I will have to figure out the settings and stuff like that for the next time, if there will be any next time tho. I was a little bit nervous to be live and communicate with you directly to begin with, but I have had a good amount of time to consider it, and prepare myself mentally. You never now who will show up on a livestream, but I can always remove trolls or spammers so it`s not really that big of a problem. Another negative thing is that I can not edit anything and be in control of how it will look and sound like for my viewers. 

This early morning I could not sleep, so I decided to talk to you about my channel and what`t been on my mind lately. I`m just thinking loud really, and nothing is decided. I don`t like to make public decisions because I might change my mind av have some ambivalent feelings regarding different kinds of things. In this video you`ll get some insight into my feelings regarding creating ASMR and what you can expect for the future. 

Hope you all are doing fine.

Take care.




ASMR Eating Sounds Popcorn

Happy weekend Fluffy`s!



Times Goes By. What`s next?

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

Long time no see. I`m considering creating a new blog on an international platform. This platform is so typically Norwegian, and don`t get me wrong, I`m happy I`m Norwegian, but for my business I just feel there is more in it for me on an international platform. I don`t write in Norwegian simply because I want to reach a bigger audience and truth to be told there are no audience for me here in Norway. Never has, never will. One big advantage of that is that I get to practice my english which is a good thing for me. 

I want to blog more and not only share information about my ASMR channel, even if ASMR is my main focus. I guess that`s what people want from me, and that is also something I enjoy doing. I never had to try really hard to get a growing audience for my ASMR videos, even if I had to have discipline and work regularly and patiently for it to happen. My YT channel never exploded over night like for other YouYubers, but I have managed to come to a point where I`m pretty satisfied and happy with my achievments, even if I`ll always set myself new goals. I guess the main ingredients was "fun". Creating ASMR have been so fun for me. ASMR is something that`s also very popular in the world, so I guess that has something to do with it as well. I`m really thankful and happy I have come this far with my YT channel. I have found my boundaries and interests within the ASMR field. In the beginning I was exploring much more trying out different things. There are things I would never do again.
I want to make a website split in two... kind of... maybe... One for ASMR, and one for my personal interests, the person me behind the ASMR. Where I can share my interest for plant based food amongst other things. 

New video is now up on my Vlog Channel Dopyen. 

There has also been other videos uploaded to my DOPYEN channel. My pregnancy progress, symptoms and belly shoot. If you want to watch my videos you can just pop over to my channel. 


I will have to say I don`t appreciate people complaining about me sharing my pregnancy progress so early on. No one is forcing you to watch. I want to document this progress. This is my very first pregnancy and it means a lot to me. Remember I`m doing it for myself as well to document and create a memory for my child, and I can post whatever I want on my channel. There is also no rule on how early or late I`m allowed to buy baby equipment or clothes for my baby. All this spicy opinions can get to my nerves as a pregnant women, but I try to stay positive and tell myself that`s just not my problem and it`s not about me. Honestly I try to stay away from my comment section for the most part because there are just to many ignorant haters out there which I don`t have time or energy for. Not only haters, but perverts as well. When that is said most of my followers, my Fluffy Teddy Bears are so positive and supportive. You Fluffy`s are the once that matters to me in this cyber world, and only you. 

OK. So how have I been lately?
I have been so tired. So so sooooo tired and exhausted. I have had to push myself to record videos, but when everything was prepared, the setting, camera and everything, it was just fun for me to record, and it took my mind of all the concerns I had lately. My energy level is pretty low this days and preparing myself a meal, wash clothes, take a shower takes a lot of energy. Well it`s all normal from what I read, so I just expect it to get better soon.
My cat was attacked by one of the wild cats out there last weekend, and his eye and ear got really hurt. He has to take antibiotics and pain medication for some time now, and it`s just not nice at all. I just hope he will get well soon.

Some ASMR videos I published lately

Stay tuned for ASMR Eating Sounds popcorn ear to ear binaural. 

Thank you so much for watching and happy weekend!

Take care!



ASMR eating sounds cauliflower soup

Hello Fluffy`s and happy weekend. I hope you all are doing fine. Take care of yourself and happy weekend.


A Healthy Pregnancy

I love to be a Veggie Bear 
Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears
As you might have noticed I`m a firm believer in Dr. McDougall`s diet advice. I was a huge supporter of this life style even before I read his book, but it was so soooo nice for me to get confirmation from a doctor with so many years experience. His book opened my eyes to supplements, vegetarian meat substitute, fish, and eggs. He also gave me a deeper understanding of dairy products and how harmful it is to the human body, not to mention how good and necessary starches is. At home there is never a problem for me to stay completely plant based. The problem is when I`m out traveling, or want to go out to eat on a restaurant. It`s crazy, but no restaurants I know about close by offer vegan food. Vegetarian yes, but not vegan. It`s a big problem for me wanting to stay a Veggie Bear. 🐻🥕 Maybe I will just have to learn how to always be prepared with food supplies and so on, and always plan in advanced. As a non pregnant women I just did not always care if I sometimes ate vegetarian food dining out on a restaurant, but as a pregnant women it is more important to me than ever before to try to stay completely away from food that contains such ingredients. Will I manage? Only time will show. It feels like I have the whole society against me, and it is not a nice feeling. Why must it be so difficult to be be a plant based eater? Why?!


ASMR Whisper OSEA Skincare Review

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears and welcome to my channel.

New ASMR video is up on "Solfrid ASMR" and I hope you will find it relaxing and tingling. 
I have been using the OSEA skin care products for a month now and I`m really happy about them, especially the cleanser. I promised a proper review, so here it is. 

Have a beautiful day and take care!


Pregnancy Update Week 5 & Belly Shoot

Hello you guys

Here is my very first pregnancy update for you guys, and also for me, because it would be really fun to have a video diary to look back on.
I don`t know if I want to record the birth tho, because it`s pretty personal and private to me, and something I want to share with only my dearest husband. I want us to be 100% in the moment, and not experience it through a camera lense. Camera, phones, social media and internet takes up to much time already, but who knows, maybe it comes natural to record something and share, but I will not make any promises. Maybe the birth last for hours and we have all the time in the world, or maybe it happens quickly. Only time will show and I`m so excited. 

Thanks for watching!



Deleting my patreon account


This is a little messages for my lovely patrons that supported my ASMR channel for so long without expecting anything in return other than ASMR videos. For that I will forever be grateful, so thank you for that.  I have asked Patreon to delete my account, and I have also removed all the patrons I have on my list.


I`m not comfortable receiving money and rely my financial income from private persons. It does not feel right to me. I thought I would get used to the idea, but I never really did.

I hope you understand and thank you for all your support. 


ASMR Soap Scratching & Pregnancy Worries

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

I have not forgotten about you, even if I`m pregnant. I have been wanting to do a soap carving video for a very long time now, and it has also been requested in the past. 

If you did not now about my pregnancy you can watch my pregnancy announcement video below. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and to my joy it was positive. 

I slept really bad this night. I was worried about so many things regarding my pregnancy and also the future. 

Food, nutrients, health
I`m following some of dr mcdougall`s advice, so I will not take any other supplements than B12 during my pregnancy, and for the folic acid that is so important I have done some research on how much I need per day, and what I should eat to maintain the acquired level. Let me say that spinach contains a lot of folic acid per cup, and also most of the things I eat during the day contains folic acid in some amounts. 
According to dr mcdougall supplements in general can do more harm than good to both me and my baby and to me it seems logical, so I think I should do my best to get all the nutrients and vitamins I need through the food and stay away from supplements. It`s not that hard really, since I already have a balanced diet. I might have to take vitamin D during the wintertime tho, since there`s no sun here. Dr. mcdougall advice sunbed before vitamin D supplement, but I don`t like the thought of a sunbed. I`m trying my best to soak up a little bit sun every day for about five minutes, and hopefully some will get stored in my body for the darker months so I don`t have to take supplement. Vitamin D is actually a hormon rather than a vitamin.

I don`t just believe anything doctor says to me. I believe strongly in a plant based diet, and therefor it`s important to me to find someone who can support and educate me further and show proof and studies and that subject. Dr Mc dougall`s book did a great job on that. I know that there is a lot of doctors out there with different theories and opinions, but there has always been an inner voice telling me to go plant based. To me it feels natural, it feels safe, it seems logical and that`s what I prefer. Meat and fish never really made me feel well.
I want to live a healthy, long life, without having to worry about diseases and obesity. I think plant based is the safest road to walk on for myself, my family and my baby. A big bonus to that is that we don`t have to kill innocent animals that only wants to live a long and healthy life themselves.  

I ordered a B12 supplement from iHerb this night, with fast shipping because I`m worried about my baby. It should be here soon. 

I hope you find my video relaxing and tingling. Thank you so much for watching. Have a nice day!


My belly using my abs and my belly relaxed. 

The first test

Then I took a test later in the day

Today I also took a test just to be on the safe side, and it was positive. ^^


ASMR Whisper Eating Sounds

Hello my dear and Fluffy Teddy Bears

New eating sounds is now up on my YT channel, and I hope you will enjoy and find it relaxing and tingling.

Happy weekend!


Behind The Scene Of ASMR | FOOD PREP & Recipe

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

This week I made a behind the scene food prep video for you, a type of video that seems like many of you enjoy watching. I want to share more recipes with you in the future on my Dopyen channel, and also finish my cookbook, which I actually find kind of hard to write, and complete. But I will try to find a way to simplify it the best that I can. You know, most of the food I make I don`t follow a recipe, and I rarely use measurement tools, and that`s kind of the problem. 

I hope you will enjoy this video, and let me just warn you, it`s a loooooong video over one hour long. So this is something you might want to relax to or have on in the background. 

Thanks for watching!


ASMR Tapping & Scratching (No Talking)

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ASMR Eating Sounds & Book Recommendation

Thanks for watching and happy weekend!


ASMR Whisper Reading Fairy Tale (Norwegian)

Happy weekend Fluffy`s!


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