ASMR Eating Sounds & Book Recommendation

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ASMR Whisper Reading Fairy Tale (Norwegian)

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Questions regarding MY comment section

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears and aaaaand those who`s not my Fluffy Teddy Bears

I have received a lot of questions, hate and negative feedback because I have disabled the comment section on my videos. Well guys, here`s what. I don`t accept hate and bullying. I do not tolerate harassment and threats. It`s not acceptable what so ever.
The comment section will be closed as long as I feel it`s necessary (most likely forever on my old videos), and for you that telling me I will loose subscribers over it. so what? These are subs that only comes for the comments and hate and not ASMR, peace and relaxation. I would actually be really happy to get rid of them. Call me what you want, and think what you want, but I do not accept hate on my channel, so if you don`t like me, keep it to yourself and move along. I appreciate constructive feedback, but I will never ever tolerate harassment, bullying and stalking. I have my boundaries and you will just have to accept that weather you like it or not. It`s not my problem. What`s my problem is how I want to relate to this situation and what action I must take to protect my boundaries. 

I have decided to keep the comment section open on my latest video for the most time, when I feel I have the extra capacity to read them. I have so many wonderful subscribers that appreciate my youtube videos and are here for the right reason. Subscribers that respect my boundaries, and don`t expect anything more from me. 

And for those who has been rude to me in the past and then comes afterwords and say sorry because you suddenly like my videos. Well that`s ok, I forgive you. But just because you like my videos now does not mean it is ok to be hateful or rude towards someone you don`t like or agree with, no matter what. Just remember that. Do yourself a favor and accept peoples differences. 

This is what I have to say about the comment section, and I will not give it anymore attention. 

I appreciate you my Fluffy Teddy Bears!! SO SO SOOOOOO much. 

Have a nice day!


ASMR Ear To Ear Relaxation Binaural

Take on your headphones for a binaural experience and close your eyes and relax. Tingle tingle tingle

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Unboxing Vegan Tuck Box Review

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If Love's A Sweet Passion

ASMR Whisper Quoting Shakespeare Poem If Love's A Sweet Passion

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears <3

This ASMR video was created in collaboration with the artist Tal Isaac Hadad`s Opera project at Montpellier Opera house in France summer 2016.

This was a fun experience for me and I`m happy I was able to be a part of this project.

The video is only six minutes long, but I spent weeks learning me a part of this poem, and I still remember it until this day. It`s such a beautiful poem. Then I had to record it over and over again until it was approved. I hope you like it.

Thank you so much for watching!



ASMR Whisper Unboxing OSEA skincare

Hello my dear and Fluffy Teddy Bears

I have the honor to future a beautiful skin care brand to you. In this video I will open a package from OSEA Skincare, and as always I hope you will find it relaxing and tingling. 
OSEA is a cruelty free, natural, vegan, non toxic brand with amazing organic ingredients. Their concept and story is really fascinating. 
I will try out some of their products for one month, and then I will get back to you with a proper review on how it worked for my skin. 

I have always been passionate about skincare, beauty and fashion amongst other things, especially skincare as I`m very eager to have the best flawless, natural skin possible. You know... Be the best version of myself. It just make me feel good about myself. I guess I will always get some pimples and breakouts now and then, and it can be a good thing to get a more relaxed relationship to them as well. Some thing we are not totally in control of. At least that`s how it feels sometimes. Perhaps if I just get to know the secret formula. The perfect diet, and the perfect skincare combination. It`s always fun to try, and it`s also so fun to try out new amazing products on the market. We all have different skintypes, and our body works in different kinds of way, so the formula must be discovered by myself. It`s like I`m getting to know my body better as well in this process which feels good. 

I`m going to use a skin cleanser, a toning mist, and a facial cream, and I`m looking so much forward to share my experience with you. The products are more on the pricy side, but there`s so many great things about this brand, so if it works wonders for my skin I think it will be worth the money... if I can afford it of course. It will always depend on my budget and priorities, which varies.

Have a beautiful day or night Fluffy`s.

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ASMR Eating Sounds Sushi

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Norway Road Trip Episode 2

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Relaxing Back & Neck Massage (ASMR)

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

I know many of you Fluffy Teddy Bears enjoyed my previous massage videos, and when my husband gave me a massage I asked if we could make an ASMR video for you guys while one`s at it. I really hope you will enjoy this and find it tingling. 

Have a beautiful day or night. Sweet dreams.

Thank you so much for watching, and if you løøve this videos, please thumbs up and share. 

If you new to my channel you`re very much welcomed. My YouTube Channel is "Solfrid ASMR", and you`re more than welcomed to subscribe and enjoy my videos. I make videos for relaxation purposes and to trigger ASMR. This is the place you can come to relax from your hectic day to day life. If you don`t know what ASMR is you can read more about it here:

Thank you!


Road Trip Episode 1

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Daily Life Vlog

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More videos

For ya Fluffy`s <3

Some videos I published on my YouTube channel Solfrid ASMR the past week. I hope you will enjoy it and find it relaxing and tingling.

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Animals are more important than people

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears and happy weekend. I hope you all are doing just fine. 

Someone said
"They ask me if I really think that animals and insects life are more important than humans, and I always say yes".
"They: WHY?!?"
" He: Because humans could not live without animals and insects, but animals and insects can live without humans". 

I think this was wonderful said and so true. The world could go on without humans, but not without animals and insects. It would not be possible for our planet to survive without animals and insects so I think we should respect them as we respect ourself.  <3

Just some mindful thoughts from me 2 you. I really hope and wish for a cruelty free world where animal rights is equally important as humans, and for a community where we have easy access to vegan food and products. I do understand that for people feeding themselves only from nature and living in cold climate where there is not possible to be vegetarian the story would have to be different in order to survive, but there`s still possible to have respect and humility for all life. Now most of us are living in a world where there is easy access to fruit and vegetables, greens, nuts, seed, lentils and beans etc... We don`t have to kill in order to put food on the table, and just because we`re not the one pulling the trigger we still kill it when choosing to spend our own money on it. We`re still a murderer. Yes I know it sounds a bit harsh, but when you think about it, it`s the truth. We all have a responsibility. 

I`m really sad that there`s so little vegan or even vegetarian options in Norway, and especially on restaurants and diners by the road. When I was on a road trip just recently I ate cheese on a vegetarian pizza, which I regretted afterwards, and maid me feel sick and guilty because I know how unhealthy it is, but also the cruelty. I was just so crazy hungry. I also was so hungry that I ate half a fish from a diner one day because I was kind of starving to the point where getting food into my belly was the only thought I had in my mind. I also ate an ice-cream from a gas station because I had such sugar cravings. So look at me, I`m definitely not perfect either and fish is something I prefer to not eat, but sometimes it happens because I don`t feel I have any other option, and I get to a point where my blood sugar is so low that I just don`t care right there and then! So yeah. Sometimes I`m a murderer too... Prefer not tho. I`m not proud of myself, but I`m at least honest. Sometimes I just don`t care, or maybe enough. It`s not like I`m planning for it to happen, to not care. It just happens in a moment of.... I don`t know, or maybe I do. It`s like I care less when I`m not doing well with myself. I find it easy to make good choices at home, but sometimes when I`m out traveling I find it difficult to some degree, and it really sucks. Sometimes we have to kill a life in order for it to not destroy ourself. It`s the circle of life. For instance pest or bloodsucking insects. If we don`t kill pest they will kill, or at least destroy our home etc. Like where to draw the line? I guess it`s up to every single one of us, and I also think it`s important to not judge even if we have different opinions and perspective on this issue. Sometimes I just think to much.

I wish you a happy summer!



NARS is no longer cruelty free

Hello Fluffy`s

What you might have noticed if you have followed my for some time is that I don`t support animal testing, and even if I might have some cosmetic products that`s been tested on animals I`m getting better and better at doing my research before purchasing products and remember those creatures. Sometimes there`s no cruelty free option and I think it sucks. Like medicine for instance... I don`t support animal testing for medicine either, but what can we really do when nobody with an "intelligent" human brain choose to find another option asap. Where is that intelligent human brain? Does he or she exist? I wish I had one, but I don`t unfortunately. I`m not interested in spending my money on beauty at the expense of innocent souls.

A video caught my attention today that I want to share with you. The cruelty free brand NARS are no longer cruelty free and I find it disturbing. This brand has been lying for their consumers for some time now. 

And for those who don`t really know what animal testing is about should take a look on the videos below. Don`t close your eyes to this disgusting cruelty.
Disrespect for nature

How To Deal With Rejection

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

Happy summer. I hope you are ok. 

I read a post about friendships or relationships. Not love relationships, just relationships. This post spoke to me and made me feel much better, so I want to share it with you. Maybe you can relate. You can read it here. What I really like about this post is that there are not any judging or putting the blame on anyone. Sometimes in life we find ourself in relationships where the interests, needs and priorities are different. It does not necessarily mean we don`t care about the other person, but we may be on different paths in life and can not be on the same page or have the same connection like before. 

I closed doors in the past, but I know now it does not always help. It will follow you for a long time. You can not just forget someone just like that, especcially if there were a "breakup", bad word spoken and bridge burning. It does not feel good knowing you hurt someone, said hurtful things and attacked someone. Sometimes relations just ends because there`s not mutual interest, needs and chemestry, but no need to create a war because it does not help anyone and certainly not yourself. Often it`s better to keep the door open.
Sometimes a relationship can be so ambivalent and toxic to your state of mind that it might be necessary to close the door and burn the bridge for your own well being. Where some might not find that relationship toxic for them at all it might be a totally different story and experience for you. Sometimes people can be toxic for each other as well, and sometimes people brings out the worst in each other. It`s better to surround yourself with people that brings out the good in you and have your best interest in mind.      

I have been really sad sometimes in life because I felt rejected. Sometimes it can be so painful that I don`t know how to deal with the pain and for some seconds...minutes it feels like I`m loosing my mind. I guess I`m growing in a positive direction because I find myself getting out of it stronger and more positive every time. I´m only rejected if I choose too see it that way. 

Life is not always easy
Relations are not easy at all
Feelings are not easy
Myself is not easy
When it hurts it hurts really bad
A broken heart can be fixed
Everything is up to me in my own life, not anyone else
Sometimes you reject, and sometimes you get rejected. Being ok with it is the best gift you can give yourself. It does not mean you are a bad person, and it does not make them a bad person.

Appreciate what you already have. You might realize it`s more than enough. 

"You won't get disappointed if you don`t have expectation and you won't get disappointed if you don`t compare yourself with others." (that can sometimes be a hard one)

Happy summer Fluffy`s. Thank you for being a part of my cyberworld in this special and different way. 



Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

New ASMR video is now up on my YouTube channel "Solfrid ASMR", and I hope you will enjoy it, and find it relaxing and tingling. I love to make unboxing videos and I like to try out new cosmetic products as well.

I wish you a beautiful summertime Fluffy`s.

Thanks for watching! <3

Take care.



ASMR Eating Sounds

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ASMR Whisper whisper and whisper

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

New video is now up on my youtube channel Solfrid ASMR. I just realized I published the teaser on Instagram before I published the video on YouTube. A little bit absent minded maybe. Let`s blame the Olive Leaf Extract shall we?...^^ . Just kidding.

Thank you so much for watching. I wish you a wonderful day or night, and take care!


Searching For Missing Pieces

...that might not even be there.... hmmmm

Candida & Olive Leaf Extract

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

I suspect that I have a candida infection in my body to some degree. What I came to learn from doing some research is that candida is a yeast infection where there is overgrowth of yeast in the body due to a bad immune system. I believe a bad immune system can arise from different things I guess. You know... medications like antibiotics (antibiotics kills the good bacterias as well as the bad one) , bacterias, germs, and viruses caused by different things, even the birth control pill can give candida. Our body contains of a lot of necessary and important bacterias that we need to fight the bad bacterias. A good immune system also helps the body to take up the healthy food and get maximum use of all the nutrients, and let they do their job properly. A healthy diet plays an important role to have a good immune system, but there are also other things that plays a part. When something goes wrong it can affect so many things, like a domino effect.
My goal now is to kill off all the possible bastards that should not be in my body that has caused this yeast infection to take place. I´m not sure why or what it can be, but I do have my suspicions. I guess that if I have a candida infection that has developed itself over time into my bloodstream, it may have given me a weaker immune system that gives me different annoying ailments. I`m not really sure tho. I`m not an expert on this topic either, but I`m very interested to try to be as healthy as I can, and that will also show in my skin as well. It`s like a puzzle where I`m looking for the missing pieces. 

I`m taking Olive Leaf Extract now because I have read some pretty amazing things about it, and I have already been on it twice before, but I was not able to go through with it because of the die of effect, also called herxheimers reaction. It`s an detoxifications of the body where the person can feel really sick. I read that olive leaf extract is rich in antioxidants as well, and four hundres percent higher than the C vitamin. 

Candida can cause different kinds of deaseases both physically, but also mentally. It`s pretty interesting really, and I`m eager to see if this Olive Leaf Extract can cure me, and I will never know before I notice some positive changes in the things that has been bothering me. As I said, I don`t even know if I have a yeast infection, but I do suspect it, so it does not hurt to try. If this does not help I can always try something new. This time I have decides to go through with it, so I hope I will be able to work myself up to two capsules per day for one year. Only time will show. Sick or not sick. Somethings up, but what?


No Thanks, No More Comments

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

New video is now up on my YouTube Channel "Solfrid ASMR" and this time I need to address something that has been bothering me for some time now, and I guess last week was the last drops. 

It all boils down to me needing to keep my focus, and having a comment section with so many opinions, negative energy, projections, harassment, hate and people being obsessed with me in an harmful and scary way. Even just regular feedback takes me away from what I should really be doing. I should record videos, and not spend what little energy I already have on comments. And when I unconsciously gets affected by it, I must do what it takes to create a good and positive working environment for me to produce and give you what you came for in the first place. That`s what I really want, and right now I haven't had much energy to do my very best. And please don`t take me the wrong way. All the supportive comments have ment the world to me, and have motivated me towards where I`m with my channel today. I`m so thankful to you, so THANK YOU SO MUCH!
For a long time I managed to keep a healthy distance... I think... I don`t know what happened. Maybe it just worked on me slowly by slowly until I just had enough without even recognizing it. I have had periods with this since christmas time, and even before that I sometimes became fed up with all the negativity that always was lurking in the background.

I will just take one day at a time, and just figure out what works for me. If I want your feedback I will open up for it at some occasions. The most important thing is my channel and me doing what I love to do and just have the freedom to be myself.

Thanks for understanding. I know you Fluffy`s will. More focus for me, hopefully more videos for you.

Thank you!



Natural Nails Tapping & Scratching (ASMR)

HELLO my Fluffy Teddy Bears. <3  New video is now up on my YouTube channel Solfrid ASMR , and I hope you will enjoy it, and find it tingling and relaxing. 

I wish you a beautiful weekend, and thank you so much for all your thumbs up, lovely comments and support. I appreciate it so much! ^^

Thanks for watching!



Cauliflower Salad & Pesto Pasta

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears 

New ASMR video is now up on my YouTube channel Solfrid ASMR, and I hope you will enjoy it.
Today I`m eating some pasta next to my salad, but I just read that pasta, bread and rice can cause acne, and I have never labeled myself as a person with acne. That word sounds so strange to me and I don`t really know if I have it or not. But maybe I do have some mild acne going on actually, and lately I have been dealing with breakouts more than usual which I thought was those rashes. It`s just so annoying having a pimple pop up every day.
I`m making a program for myself to try out for three months, to see if it works. A lot has to do with what I put into my mouth, to try to clean my liver, and make it strong, but also I`m testing out different skincare rutines. I will eat less pasta, rice and bread, and have that as a guilty pleasure food now and then. I haven't been regularly moisturizing my skin for a very long time which I think might have been a bad idea, and also I stopped using my CeraVe hydrating cleansing for a very long time, which have the ingredient hyaluronic acid, which I think my skin might need to exfoliate all the dead skin cells and clogged up pores. I use my apple cider vinegar as a toner, but I`m also going to take it internally to see if I can benefit from it. It taste so awful, and it was so difficult to drink today. As a moisturizer I use Raw Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil morning and night. I put on a lot, and then I`m taking it of after five minutes with a dry cotton pad. In the evening and night I let it just be like that, but this morning I went over with a cold, wet wash cloth to take off all the excess oil. I also take the coconut oil internally as well. As a spot treatment I just use my tea tree essential oil which works wonders for my breakouts. 

So yeah! I read that breakouts comes from bacterias, fungus and inflammation from within the body, and if the body are to weak because of a bad diet, it will not be able to transport or regulate the poison the right way, and it will try to escape through the skin. A bad diet also affect hormones. Acne is s sign that something is wrong within the body, but of course you can get breakouts from cosmetic products, and makeup as well. 

I`m also back on my Olive Leaf Extract. I have been back and forth with that since I purchased it because it makes me really sick, which kind of is a good sign, because it means it works. Olive Leaf Extract kills bacteria and fungus, but to me it must have killed to much at the same time. Too much poison released in my body at the same time made me sick, I guess... So I`m going to try to work myself up to one tablet a day over a three months period. Right now I`m taking 1/8 part of one pill, so I will just have to see how that goes. If I could work myself up to that one pill I can maybe then work myself up to two pills in six months. I really want to go on this at least for one year to really se if I can benefit from it. Who knows, maybe I want to use it for the rest of my life. 

And then I`m going to continue to take my L-lysine, zink, b vitamins and D vitamin. 

I would be so glad if I could get control over my skin and just know what works and not. I`m not looking for a short term cure, but a change in my diet, lifestyle and skincare routine to treat my body the best way that I can. The skin tells us what`s going on inside. If we have bad skin that means our body hurts on the inside in some kind of way.

Have a nice day!




Happy Weekend Fluffy`s. I hope you find this ASMR video relaxing and tingling. I wish you a beautiful day or night and take care.

It`s not easy to know how to end a letter or a post when you're not english, and sometimes it can be hard even in my own language. That moment you end up feeling like a slime ball. iiiiiiikkkkk. Pjuk... æsj bæsj.
At least I`m trying my best. hihi

Ta ta!





Taking Responsibility For Our Own Feelings

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears 

Today when I woke up I just had so many thoughts in my head about my own feelings and reactions in the past towards different situations. I think it`s an important topic to talk about, and raise awareness around. I imagine many can relate to this as well. Feelings just are. They come and they go, like thoughts. But what you choose to do with them are important and is entirely up to you. Are we gonna let those feelings control us, or are we going to take control over our feelings? I know it can be really difficult feeling controlled and helpless by negative feelings, and it can be easy, and feel natural and right to blame them on others. 

Well well well. I was just so inspired to talk about this with you today. Many of you have requested more whispering from me, so here you have it. A whisper video for almost a whole hour with the clip on. 

I hope you find this video relaxing and tingling, and thank you so much for watching.

Take care!





Happy Weekend

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears. New video is now up on my channel, and I hope you will find it relaxing and tingling.

The last week or so I have been dealing with those rashes in my face again. I prefer to not leave my home on days like this, but yesterday I had no choice. My dog has actually been sick lately. Last week there was prologens cough attack, and since he have a heart disease, and it was discovered water in his lungs last year we suspected that the diuretic drugs did not work. He had to take a lot of tests, like x-ray, ultrasound, and blood samples. They found very low levels of potassium, and he did not have water in his lungs which ment we could quit those horrific diuretic drugs immediately. It made me really happy.

He had not been in his best mood the past couple of days, and yesterday we suspected something was really wrong with him because he had pain in certain places, and was really unhappy and upset. I thought he had bloody diarrhea, because it looked like it. First I took him to my regular vet, but they could not help me, so they referred me to another vet far away, and I had to drive into the big city which I really did not want to do. Let`just say I got lost into this labyrinth called sentrum, panicked, had a really awful time. and I did not find the vet, so after about an hour I found my way out and drove home really upset and tired. I never had so many cars honked their horned at me, and so many angry stares. There were people everywhere! I`m happy there were no car accident. The animal hospital was not in down town, but I kind of gave my GPS the "wrong" address ,and ended up in the most chaotic place. I actually gave the GPS the right address, but it was a company that had that address as a name, and I did not see that.

So I came home, and then I discovered something really awful when my dog went to the toilet. He had a big hole next to his butthole A big open wound. It was the anal glands that had opened in the wrong direction. Usually they are turned inwards. So me and hubby went to the vet in the evening Rambo must go on antibiotics and painkillers for one week, and I have to clean his wound twice a day, and put on some antibiotic lotion. I cleaned it yesterday and I actually saw one big hole, and three other small holes. Two of them hidden in his fur. Oh my. It is not a good sight. The doctor hope that this holes will heal themselves, and if not we will have to have a surgery on him which is really dangerous. First, it is difficult to have a surgery in that kind of area, because there is risk of cutting of the sphincter, and second he have a heart disease so his heart might not take the narcosis.

So yes. That`s about that. Just telling myself that everything will turn out fine, because it will! The wounds will heal, and my dog will be completely healthy and fine. 

I wish you a happy weekend, and take care!

Thank you so much for watching!



My Nail Care Routine

Thanks for watching!


Vote Up Your Favorite ASMR Trigger

Hello my dear and Fluffy Teddy Bears
I hope you`re doing ok, and that you`re giving yourself peace and happiness on this beautiful Saturday. 
I`m curious about your favorite ASMR trigger, and yes, I know that I can look at my views on YouTube, and se that eating sounds is the most popular, but I think it would be fun to make a poll as well and see the votes from those who read my blog and are like my "Super FLUFFY`S". Some people watch my videos without really being that devoted to my channel which is totally fine, so I guess people interested in my other social medias as well are a little bit more, if I can put it like that... It would just be nice to see what drives you to my channel, and what triggers your ASMR. 
I really hope that you would like to answer and that this poll actually works as well. I also believe that you have the opportunity to comment on the result page if your trigger is something specific that is not mentioned in the poll. 
I will continue to make various ASMR videos and do my favorite videos which I really enjoy doing regardless of this poll, but I will also take into account what`s the most popular to try to make you happy... within my boundaries tho. 
What Do You Prefer For ASMR?
No Talking
Whispering & No Talking
Do Riddles
What Is Your Favorite ASMR Triggers?

Eating Sounds
Role Plays
Fashion & Beauty
3Dio Ear To Ear
Eating Sounds Ear To Ear With 3Dio
Diffierent Relaxing Sounds From Objects
free survey
What Do You Use ASMR For?

survey maker


Thank you so much for voting. I appreciate it.

Take care!


Spaghetti & Pasta Salat Med Grønn Pesto

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

New eating sounds video is finally up on my YouTube channel "Solfrid ASMR", and I hope you will enjoy it and find it relaxing and tingling. I wish you a beautiful weekend!

Thank you so much for watching!


ASMR Whisper Positive Affirmations Relaxation

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears 

New video is up, and I really hope you find this video relaxing and tingling. I wish you a wonderful day or night, and take care.

Thanks for watching!



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