ASMR Natural Long Nails Tapping & Scratching

Hello Fluffy Teddy Bears. New video is now up on my YouTube channel "Solfrid ASMR". I hope you find it relaxing and tingling.

Note that this is not a product recommendation video of any sort. Some of the products in this video I might never purchase again. This is for relaxation purposes only.... and tingles. 

ASMR for your Fluffy ears

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears 

New ASMR videos is now up on my YouTube channel "Solfrid ASMR". Enjoy!

Thanks for watching and happy week 2 you!

The Beginning Of Solfrid ASMR


Happy weekend


ASMR Nail Tapping & Scratching The Table

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

New video is now up on my YouTube channel Solfrid ASMR, and this time I made a requested video tapping and scratching the table. I also got a request about tapping on my nails, but I can not tap on my nails for too long, because it`s uncomfortable, and I don't know if it is healthy for my nails to constantly be tapped on either, so I decided to include it into this video at some occasions. 

Thank you so much for watching, I really do appreciate it. Have a wonderful day and happy week.

Take care! 



ASMR videos

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears!

New ASMR video is now up on my YouTube channel "Solfrid ASMR". This was recorded in January, so it was about time to edit it and get it up to da channal ja. Enjoy!

Other videos that I have published

I´m so sick and tired of that extremely borring background of mine for my eating videos. I just feel that I haven`t used the full potential of my little studio yet, but that is about to change. Hopefully you will enjoy the background better real soon, so stay tuned for that! 

Thank you so much for watching and take care! 


Let's Check Out My Tarot Cards

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears. New video is now up on my YouTube channel and I hope you will find it relaxing and tingling.

I have bought myself a tarot card deck and so far I enjoy it very much. I don't really believe that angels, spirits etc. exists like in the fairytales, and I don't really think it should matter either. Maybe it exists, maybe not. It would be fun if it did tho (if they are loving)! Maybe they are a part of ourselves, that we can make come alive if we open up for it to happen. I don't need to believe or to know, and personally I prefer to relate to what I know and can see, and not what might be from other peoples imagination. Less rules, less believes (religion) = more freedom, more peace. What I do know is that there are more to me that are yet to discover. 
I think there are more to us humans, animals, nature, world that is beyond our understanding. Some people understands more than others. There are strange things, just look at yourself. We are a mysterium, no doubt about that. Maybe we have "secret" powers that we don't even know about ourselfes. 

I think cards like this can inspire and help me to look at different areas in my life to get to a better place and a higher lever of consciousness. So far the cards have talked to me and been so accurate, and I kind of suspect that no matter what card I get it will feel like this, because after all, I am the one that's going to read the card. But is the card accurate because of the energy I'm sending out to the card from within myself? hm....

Happy weekend Fluffy`s. Take care!

Anyone Who Knows What Love Is


Delicious Take Away Food

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Someplace in between here and there

Sometimes life feels like a game that I don't really know how to play. It`s not about winning but finding something deep within myself and everything around me. I don't want to know it all, but more than I already know. 


ASMR Glass Tapping

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ASMR Eating Sounds Crispy Onion Rings

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ASMR Nail Tapping & Scratching

Hello Fluffy`s!

New video is now up on my YouTube channel "Solfrid ASMR".
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People are fucked up

I`m surprised by some fucked up people in my comment section that either don't own a pair of social antennas, or they are just rude. Just so fucking rude. Yes, I'm aware that I'm swearing, and yes I'm aware that I made a video about it. But right now I don't fucking care. Yes in did.

1. I discovered someone putting their discount code (affiliate link) in my comment section, trying to earn from my video. That's rude and disgusting, just saying. I'm also regularly getting spam comments, where people are pretending they like my video, but in reality they are advertising for their own channel or business.

2. Someone complained to me, and told me I should make more videos because this is my full time job. Well, let me tell you. This is a job, but far from a full time job. This seems like heading in the direction of becoming more and more like a hobby to me, and it`s ok.
I don`t think I get what I really deserves from making YouTube videos, and I have worked hard for where I'm now. Creating more videos does not give me a bigger paycheck. I have no control what so ever. It actually doesn`t make any difference to me if I make 2 videos or 6 videos per week. At least that's my experience, so why would I make more videos if I don't want to. I make videos when I'm motivated, want to, and because I enjoy it. I`m giving and giving, and don`t get much back from it. A big audience does not automatically mean a decent paycheck.
I`m sick and tired of working hard, getting so little in return, so I do what I feel like, and right now I`m just tired, unmotivated and grumpy. I`m also tired of nasty people in my comment section.Trolls, haters, stalkers, perverts etc. I`m so done right now. Don't come here nagging me to make more videos, because I will not do it. I`ll do it when I feel like it.

I haven't been feeling my best lately, and I don't feel like explaining. I have a private life.

Take care 



My Winter Skin Care Routine (ASMR)

Happy weekend Fluff`s!

ASMR Eating Sounds Ear To Ear Binaural

Happy week Fluffy`s!


ASMR Tickle You


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ASMR Whisper Eating Sounds Dumplings & Sauerkraut

Homemade Dumplings

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I`m on Steemit & DTube

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

I like YouTube very much, and I don`t think there are any better video platform out there at this current moment.  The only thing that have started to bother me, is that my videos often are demonetized, and I have to ask them to manually approve the video for monetization, which makes me loose a lot of views/income in the meantime. It sucks, and I think this is because of their new algorithm, which also affects visibility (views). This started in 2017, and have been going on for months. 

Youtube have all the control which put you as a youtuber in a vulnerable position. It seems to me they can change the rules in an eye blink, where you as a user don`t have a say in it. I don`t understand what they are doing. They are dependent on youtubers to create videos for them, but youtubers will probably move platform if they find a better one, because it`s not really working well anymore.

Have you heard about Steemit and DTube? I can`t really explain all the details, but it`s not centralized like YouTube, where there are some people sitting on the top deciding everything and making the rules. On steemit it is the crowd that decides. You can read more about Steemit here.

I`m really curious abut this new platform and I have opened my own account to try it out. At this current moment I`m not impressed with DTube. Uploading a video takes forever, and I have still not been able to upload a video. It has soon been 24 hours with uploading, and that is so demotivating. I don`t really like the design either, and the lack of settings. But when that is said, I imagine it can become much better with time, and when that happens I will be very glad I`m already inside. Anyways, it can`t hurt to try, right? 

Follow me on steemit @solfridasmr here , and DTube here

Thank you!




I have no idea what I`m doing, kind of

Hello Fluffy`s and happy weekend.

I have no idea what I`m doing. kind of, that`s why I`m so happy I`m on teespring, not taking any risks while feeling my way through those dark waters.

I have opened my little shop, connected to my ASMR channel "Solfrid ASMR". I would appreciate some feedback, and know what you think.

Anyway. I really hope you find this video relaxing and tingling and I wish you a happy weekend.

Take care and thanks for watching!



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My Wooden Eating Utensils

Hello Fluffy Teddy Bears

I have gotten several questions about my wooden eating utensils, or cutlery (fork spoon and chopsticks) that I use in my ASMR eating sounds videos on my YouTube channel Solfrid ASMR.  I bought them on eBay (affiliate link) pretty cheap actually, with free shipping. The pictures on eBay show black treads around the wood, but mine came with brown thread. You can probably take off the thread as well, if you don`t like them. I bought this cutlery for my eating sounds videos, because it is more ASMR friendly, not making loud, sharp noises.  

You can buy my wooden eating utensils here (affiliate link)

Just a little disclaimer. I can not guarantee you`ll get the exact same eating utensils like me, with the brown thread, and the same flowery print on the little blue bag. 


Not sponsored. Includes affiliate links.


ASMR Whisper Eating Sounds

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Plans for the New Year

Hello Fluffy`s

I want to let you in on some of my plans this spring relating to my YouTube channel "Solfrid ASMR". I`m not sure if I will manage to get through with them all, but it`s nice to have some plans, right?

1. I will continue to create ASMR videos and grow my YouTube channel. I will learn more about analytics and how to best perform on YouTube. I want to evolve and become better at what I do. Maybe be a little bit more daring too...^^

2. I will work on respecting my own boundaries when it comes to the comment section on YouTube, and other social media platforms. Be more ok with blocking people that makes me uncomfortable, and move on.

3. I`m going to make myself a professional website that I will be in completely control over. This website will mainly be for ASMR and blogging.

4. Will I finish that cookbook? I will have to wait and see until the summer. I want to take some nice pictures with good daylight, which means I will have to recreate every meal in that cookbook. It`s not my biggest priority at this current moment, and it`s also a lot of work.

5. I will sell shirts with my own print! This will happen soon, and this is such a fun extra job for me to do. I love to make personal prints, and I also love clothing. The thought of having my own little shop without having to worry about shipping and custom service feel good and safe. Women first, and men eventually... 

6. I will try out something totally new with my ASMR videos. I will upload them to a new platform as well as YouTube, and see how it goes, and where it will take me eventually. This is something I will let you more in on when it actually happens.

7. Oh. Would it not be nice to share some of my work on Spotify as well? It`s not my first priority, but I really want to try it out if I find time, motivation and energy. 

Well well well. That`s some of my plans for this year.

Take care!




Feeling Stalked | The Downside Being a youtuber

Hello there. Soon I don`t dare to call you my Fluffy Teddy Bears, because I`m scared some of you`re going to take it literally. 

For some months now I have been feeling that one person in particular has an obsession with me in an unhealthy way. It makes me extremely uncomfortable, to the point where I need to take some actions, and decide how I want to relate to my comment section for the future. I have been through the hate and trolling period, where all the hate hurt me. I have now learned from that, and it has made me stronger. Right now I`m experiencing fixation from someone, and I can tell you that`s a big downside being a YouTuber, knowing to keep people/strangers at a distance. I`m learning tho...

At first I gave this person the benefits of the doubt, treating the person the way I would treat any subscriber, but I realized quickly that this person was a little bit too over active with their comments. I answered more than I wanted, because this person was nagging me, and I wanted to be nice.
I was thinking that this person probably had some sort of a syndrome, lack of social skills, so I wanted to be understanding and hoped that this person would take the hint eventually, step back and leave me alone. 
Usually if someone ask me something and I don`t answer them back they respect it. They take the hint, or it does not bother them. But recently this person has been nagging me over and over again in every video. I decided to wait and see if this person would take the hint, so I did not have to go to the drastic step and let them now, and when I did their answer confirmed my suspicions. That`s when I realized this person had some hidden expectations, which made me extremely uncomfortable. 

I don`t know this person, have never met them... For all I know this can be a psychopath, a creepy stalker, a dangerous person. I can tell you that having a person being fixated on you, a person that nags you over and over again destroys my joy being on YouTube.  

I love my fans support, but I`m not obligated to give you anything for being supportive of my channel and videos, and you`re not entitled to personal, or special attention from me. I do not owe you anything. 

I`m not interested in building friendships over the internet with people I do not know. It`s not safe either. There are crazy people everywhere, and I don`t want them in my life. 

I`m taking back the control!!! YES you heard me.  I have been a nervous wreck the last couple of months. It has affected me more than I wanted to admit. Sometimes I`m just too nice I think, to the point where it gets extra uncomfortable for me to reject. I hate conflicts, I hate to reject. I hate to hurt. But if someone doesn't respect or understand my boundaries, I have no other choice than to do what`s best for me. If a person gets hurt by me setting boundaries for myself, then that`s their problem and not mine. It`s extremely frustrating and annoying when people don`t have social antennas and keeps nagging me. I do not owe anyone an explanation.

I like to create ASMR videos for you, and I appreciate your support and feedback, but I can`t give you anything more, and I don`t want anything more from you either. I don`t owe you anything, the same goes for you. You don`t owe me anything either. You can watch my videos if you want to, not because you have to. 

​I just want to be left alone making my ASMR videos. 

For the future I will go ahead and block people that nags me in my comment section of the video. It is my comment section, and I should not feel that I don`t want to be there anymore because someone is making me uncomfortable by not respecting my boundaries. If I want to read the comments, if I want to answer the comments, some comments etc, should be entirely up to me. I give out hearts to whom I want, and If I don`t want to give it to everyone that should be ok too. I`m done being a nerve wreck in my comment section scared to step on someones toes or hurt anyone. Just respect me, and if you get disappointed it`s your problem, so keep it to yourself. And also, if you get extremely hurt by rejection from a stranger on social media, you should seek professional help, because it is unhealthy for you, and not normal at all.

And oh! I`m NOT offering a public post box anymore. I don`t want gifts from you. People that sends gifts might have hidden unconscious agendas that they don`t even know about themselves. Hidden longings, wishes etc... I`m NOT for sale, simple as that. 

My tips to anyone that considers being a YouTuber. Never feel obligated to answer any comment if you don`t want to, or if someone is making you uncomfortable with their comment. Block this person. 

For the future I will block anyone that nags me, or make me uncomfortable with their comments.  I prefer feedback on my work, and comments relevant to the video I made. I also appreciate requests for sure, but you are not entitled to an answer or a promise. 

I assume that most of my subscribers have social skills and are able to distinguish right from wrong, and that you understand the meaning of respecting someones boundaries and privacy.

Everything will be better from now on. I will not let myself get lost into a trap ever again. 



ASMR Tapping & Scratching Wooden Objects + GIVEAWAY

Hello Fluffy Teddy Bears  and HAPPY WEEKEND to you all!

Today it`s all about the wooden sounds, and a little bit bonus sounds for your delicate ears. New ASMR video is now up on my YouTube channel "Solfrid ASMR, and I`m also doing a giveaway. All the information about the giveaway will be in the description of the video, under the YouTube video on YouTube. I hope you will find this video relaxing and tingling. 

Take care!


ASMR Eating Sounds

Hello Fluffy`s. New video is now up on my Youtube channel "Solfrid ASMR".

Thanks for watching!

Is it fair that BLOGG.NO gets all the add revenue?

Hello Fluffy`s!

Is it fair that BLOGG.NO gets all the add revenue... All the money?

As a YouTuber, being successful on a social media platform I have something to say about this. On YouTube you decide for yourself if you want to become a YouTube partner and have advertisement in you videos or not, and if you choose to join in and become a partner, YouTube will share this income with you. It means that I will earn from it as well as YouTube. It`s fair, and it`s a GOOD DEAL that will benefit us both! I love Youtube for this, and I believe that`s one of the things that have made them so big as they are today. 

On this Norwegian platform blogg.no (which I have been on and off for years, without leaving any questions) don´t offer any form of partnership unless you have thousands and thousands of readers, you are forced to have adds on your blog that you are not in control off what so ever. I call it not smart at all. And since I`m in this grumpy mood I can use words like selfish and stingy as well. In Norwegian GJERRIGKNARKER. They keep all the money for themselves and I I`m sick and tired of being on a platform where I`m not in control over the adds. So my question to you is, do you know about a better blog platform, that offer partnership, no adds if I don`t want to? ???????

I do understand that platforms needs an income to keep them running, i do too (!!!), but jeeeese, why not make it a good deal for both parties? Sometimes I`m just so embarrassed over Norwegians and how they run things. They are just so far behind others. 

So yeah. I think it`s time to find another blog platform. A platform where I can advertise for products that i really really like, and at least be able to get a share from adds that I`m not in control over. I want a blog that is connected to my main platform, but also be able to run adds and also be a more active blogger. I love to write, Mostly crazy poems.... maybe 


What is the matter with this platform? Don`t they understand that creators do this for a living, or at least should be able to try to make this a living if they want to from the very beginning.

I wan to start blogging more again, and I wan YOU to become a regular blog reader. You have too!! You don`t have a choice. ^^ Just kidding if you did not understand that. 
I want to to have a section for only ASMR and relaxation because that`s the biggest part of my online interest, but have a more personal space for my everyday thoughts, feelings and other interests as well. I hate to share my feelings tho, or to share to much about myself. I hate it! But sometimes I have too. What´s so great about ASMR is that I can give something too you without having to open myself in that kind of way. I like my privacy.

I do not see any future on this platform. I need to go internationally, which is perfect since I`m trying to reach a bigger audience. 

I love my country so much, and I`m a proud Norwegian, but there`s no job for me here. I need to do it in english. I think I`ll keep this blog for Norwegian writings now and then, and keep posting my videos to just promote them, but it`s time to move to a blog platform where there are opportunities. But where? You can give me suggestions on my latest ASMR video on my Youtube channel Solfrid ASMR if you know about some international blog platforms.

My inspiration for this blogpost came to my mind when I wanted to put some adds on my blog on products that I personally really like. I can still do it, but I don`t want my blog to be full of adds that I don`t earn a single cent on, it`s just annoying. Just saying.

Have a beautiful day Fluff`s!

Very Best <3
Solfrid ASMR 


ASMR Unboxing No Talking

Hello Fluffy Teddy Bears! I hope you all are doing great.
New ASMR video is now up on my YouTube channel "Solfrid ASMR", that I really hope you will enjoy. There will soon be more ASMR videos as well, every week, every month, all year around... I hope... That`s the plan at least, as always.  Just stay tuned for some relaxation and tingles, and don`t forget to push that notification bell next to the subscription button. ^^ 

Aaaaaand as always, take care of yourself! 

Solfrid ASMR <3

ASMR Eating Sounds Spaghetti

Thanks for watching!

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