Cookbook Progress

I think it`s difficult to write a cookbook, and it`s not like I think my recipes is the most wonderful in the world either. I like my recipes, but I don`t expect you to.  But then again, often I buy cookbooks, and don`t find their recipes the most wonderful either, and it probably has something to do with personal taste. Still it gives me inspiration to develop it into my own taste. I`m a little bit scared of writing a cookbook and selling it, because I don`t really want to handle dissatisfied customers and huge expectations. But I`m going to make a deep and well described disclaimer to protect myself, because an ebook can not be returned.

I think there will be a cookbook, but I don`t know when it will be finished. I`m sorry for those of you that find this inconvenient, that have been requesting my recipes and are waiting. I just need to figure this out.


Rydde I Klesskapet Høst 2017

Ja HEI HEI kjære folkens. Nå er det jammen meg på tyde å rydde i skapet, både bokstavelig talt og mentalt. Denne gangen er det ikke love å snu, ja det kan du tru. huhu.


I love to clean out my closet, and I already did it this spring, so this time there were not much to get rid off, but I cleared away the summer clothes that I`ll almost never find an occasion to use because of our cold weather, and I replaced it with my warm sweaters.  

Sometimes I can throw away things, and sometimes I don`t even remember it, and realize I should not have thrown it away. Sometimes I have a throwing away "problem", almost like throwing away things makes me feel better, but not always. Sometimes throwing away something is really good and necessary.  It`s not really a problem, just when I throw away things that I need, and I haven`t replaced with anything else. I remember one time I threw away something I needed and still need to this day, because I thought to myself I would buy something better and nicer real soon.
In the past I watched this tv show where there were people collecting absolutely everything, so the house was completely messy, and difficult to walk in. Boxes from the floor and to the roof with garbage. It kind of scared me, because I know I would not be happy in a place like that, and it would make me crazy. But if people are happy with that kind of lifestyle, then who am I to speak. The only problem was their partner were not happy living in that kind of environment, and it ruined their relationship. The question is, what is the most important? The marriage and the children, or to collect absolutely everything, even garbage? To me it seems like a disease, especially if you're not able to control it, even if you really want to. It`s sad. People deals with their pain in different ways. Collecting, shopping, food, sex, drugs etc, but when is it dealing with pain, and when is it normal acceptable pleasure or therapy? Is it when you realize it causing problems around you, and in yourself?  
I`m all into minimalism, but not in the sense to have as little as possible, but not have more than I need, and not what I might need ten years from now, unless it`s something really expensive that I can not afford to throw away, and I know I will need again someday. I also like to have a cosy atmosphere and pick out decorations that make me feel comfortable and happy. I`m just done buying things spontaneously, or going to town to "shop". Shopping is not something I enjoy doing as I did as a kid. Shopping was one of the funniest activity when I was little. Getting something new, whatever it was. I don`t have that urge anymore, to collect clothes or things, and have as much clothes and accessories as possible. In the past I valued myself by the things that I owned, but I have walked away from that feeling. I love to shop online for things I need tho... Food related or fashion or beauty. I try to not make it a bad habit tho, and to use shopping as a therapy. It can be nice to go to the store as well if I know what I`m looking for, and it`s not on a Saturday when the mall is stocked with people. I go sometimes anyway, but it makes me really stressed out. I prefer a calm environment, which you might have understood from my ASMR videos. 

We are not our things, and how much we own does not define our worth. We can only give ourself value and that is something that comes from deep within and has nothing to do with the money and materialism in this world. 

Happy weekend Fluff`s. Take care. I hope you`ll enjoy my video.



ASMR Whisper Eating Sounds | Oatmeal Breakfast

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How did you change to a plant based diet?

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

I received a question on my YouTube channel that I want to answer on my blog as well.

How did you change to a plant based diet? 

It was a process for me. About 7-8 years ago I took a challenge "30 days for the animals", eating only vegetarian food. It might have been demi-vegetarian tho. Then I decided to try to become vegetarian, but it was actually demi-vegetarian, because I still ate fish. It was a process, and it did not happen over night for me. Sometimes I ate meat at certain occasions, or bought it because I had cravings and missed the taste, but then regretted it and did not feel good about myself afterwards. When time went by it felt more and more wrong to me until I decided to stop completely with meat. I just had to reach a certain place within myself, and meat were no longer a temptation to me. I watched documentaries as well and become inspired and really sad for the animal cruelty. I`m also very much into health, and I knew after doing a lot of research that a plant based diet would benefit my health in an extremely positive direction. I actually was introduced to vegetarian food in high school, 16 years old, when I lived in a boarding school. This was a christian adventist school, and they served only vegetarian food and some caviar. 

Fish, eggs and dairy products was still a part of my diet for some years, but then I gradually excluded it more and more from my diet, reaching for other plant based products instead. This was also a process for me. 

The last couple of years I decided to try to quit fish completely, and after getting more information and reading books, I wanted to try to quit dairy products and eggs as well. I`m still in a process and I don`t really want to label myself publicly, because it interferes with my process, and it can be disturbing to have so many eyes on me watching my footsteps all the time. But I think I have come far, and I think it`s important to change for the right reasons. That you want to do it because you want to, that it feels right for you, and that you don`t refuse yourself something without knowing why, or really feeling the connection with the animals and your body. 

My favorite potato chips have some milk acidity regulator powder in it unfortunately, so I try to not buy it anymore. Sometimes it have happened anyway, because sometimes quitting something that you are used to and really like is a process that doen`t always happen over night. A lot of processed food contains animal product, and it`s not always easy to remember to check the ingredients. don`t think I need to feel bad about it tho. It`s not about being perfect all the time, but trying do what`s best for ourselves and the environment when it feels right, and we truly want to. We can not change because someone else say we have to, because then we are not really changing, and it makes us miserable. Changing should feel good.

It`s better to have vegan days during the week, than eat meat and animal products everyday for instance.

Processed meat substitute was a good option for me when I stopped eating meat, but now I don`t need it anymore, and just eat it occasionally, because it`s not really that healthy. 

I`m not following a certain plant based solution or diet, but I`m very much interested in reading books like that, and plucking out what I agree with and what works for me. But I prefer to not label myself to be on a certain diet, because I find it unnecessary and restricting. I think it`s important to listen to your own body and figure out what works for you. The book "The Starch Solution" really opened my eyes to the health benefits of a plant based diet amongst other things, and it gave me insight and information that I did not know about. If everything in there is true I don`t know, but to me it seems pretty logical, and the book kind of confirmed a lot of what I already knew and suspected.

My advice to you is to not force yourself to become plant based over night, because than you might give up and starve yourself and feel really bad both mentally and physically. Some people manage it, but you don`t have to, and it can be overwhelming. Maybe your digestive system needs to adjust to the new foods.

Do research, watch YouTubers, buy some books if you can afford, try out new recipes, find out what kinds of plant based option your local grocery store offer, and try to make it as simple as you can.

Maybe you can decide that potatoes, rice or pasta should be your main ingredient in the beginning, because this is an ingredient that`s gonna make you full and satisfied, and then add some simple vegetables, salads, grain, and play with different sauces and spices to make it taste really yummy and good. You can do a lot with potatoes. Boil them, make mashed potatoes, fry them in the pan, bake them, make pomes frites etc. For the other meals you can eat fruits, make smoothies, eat crisp bread , bread, oatmeal or a salad. Eating a big bowl of oatmeal with different nuts, seeds, flour and dried fruits with rice milk tends to keep me full for a long time. I hope this helps. :)

When all this is said, I don`t think animal cruelty is ok. I don`t think it`s ok to kill animals or torture animals. I think torture of animals is the worst of the worst. It`s much worse than just killing a happy animal in the most respective, painless way, which unfortunately I think would be necessary if we found ourself in a situation where we did not have any other options.
Most animals are being tortured for a long period of time before they are killed in the most disgusting way. It`s awful, it`s inhuman and it makes me upset and angry. I think it`s important to do my part to stop this cruelty since this is such a big part of my life, but I can`t just push a button and make it stop just like that. I really love animals from the bottom of my heart. I love animals more than I love most humans. Many people don`t know what`s going on, or they don`t want to know. They just close their eyes and ears because they love the taste of meat to much. Some people have never known an animal, never been friend with an animal. They don`t have the connection, and they just don`t feel their pain. I was a blind meat eater myself in the past that loved animals so dearly. Some people don`t like animals or have passion for them, and can we really blame them for that?  I don`t think so. But to me torture and abuse of living creature is unacceptable no matter what, and I wish it would stop! It`s not OK to kill an animal if you don`t have to. That`s my personal opinion. Just because we grew up like this, or it have been like this for thousands of years doesn't make it right, the same goes for slaves and canibalism. I`m pretty sure most of you would not be able to kill an animal yourself if you looked into his og her eyes, so why pay other people to do it when you can eat a healthy plant based diet and do your body a favor at the same time? 

If you truly love all animals you should dig deep within yourself, open your heart, and ask yourself some questions. Do you love all animals, and why? Or do you just love your pets and certain types of animals? If you don`t love animals it`s OK to. Maybe you were never able to get to know an animal or maybe your`re just not interested. Maybe you have a bad experience with them or are not able to connect with them. Either way, I don`t think it`s ok to torture and abuse them anyway.  

I reccoment you to watch this documentaries:

"Glass Walls" Video by Paul McCartney:


Forks over knives #gs.2lAYbWE" target="_blank">


Confessions of an Eco Terrorist

The shark cull

A lot of different thoughts

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

My hormons are all over the place lately, and you can definitely see proof in my face, especially on my chin. In my mood and energy as well. It`s a long time since I had irritating skin issues. It stopped when I got pregnant, and whoop whoop, now it`s back, worse than when it is not that bad. I have been thinking that my hormons may play a big part in my little problem, and I read that drinking two cups of spearmint tea everyday can help regulate the hormonal balance in the body. I`m gonna try for sure, because I prefer to not go to the doctor ending up with a prescription for hormonal drugs. Hmmm. That`s just me. I prefer to do it the natural way as long as I can. Other than that workout and yoga should be a good thing to do as well for a hormonal unbalance. I have been getting good at getting a decent routine on yoga during the week, but not regular workouts. 

I have been thinking about my latest important topic video, the one with the swearing. I read your feedback and opinions which I appreciate so much. I can understand you as well. It was not my intention to hurt or make anyone uncomfortable, and I hope I was able to make it clear that this was my personal thoughts and feelings regarding this topic. Maybe this was not a topic suitable for an ASMR video.... Maybe I should have talked about this in my other channel, because my ASMR channel is about relaxation, and certain topics should be left unspoken in such an calm environment. I prefer to not upset anybody. Maybe I should make it more clear next time that this is just a personal feeling an opinion, and that I`m not trying to change anyone.

Certain channels have certain believes, and they want to try to change something for the better. I think this is a good thing, even if I don`t agree with everything I see and hear. We can use our voice to make a change or to make awareness around certain things, and I think that`s great. I think it`s nice to find a proper way to deliver a message without trying to offend anyone on purpose. Mark my words, "trying to offend anyone". Someone will always be offended no matter what, that`s for sure, but I can feel when someone is talking with respect without trying to provoke or judge on purpose. People will never listen by being judged anyway. 

When people say "why can't we focus on bigger problems and issues?". Have I ever said we can`t? You can focus on the issues you find important and let me focus and talk about topics that pops into my head, and that I find interesting and important. Who decides what`s the most important topics and issues, and just because there are bigger problems in the world does not mean we are not allowed to talk about the smaller once, the non problem once, or the positive, happy things? If you think that there are bigger problems out there, and are engaged, then that`s great! That means that you can go out there and do something about it, because that means that this issue is the biggest problem for you. Who are to decide what problems are the biggest or to decide what we should feel or care about? My personal opinion answer is "no one". We all have different interests and things we care about and that`s personal. There is a lot of problems out there, a lot of problems that needs attention from someone. There is even even personal problems. All the problems could need attention from the right person, but it`s not up to us to decide from who. Let`s just stop using the term "there`s bigger problems out there, so this topic, problem or issue don`t deserve attention".
Every problem needs attention from someone, small or big, and that someone is not up to us to decide.  

I like to watch positive inspirational happy YouTubers, because that brings out positive energy in myself. Watching negative YouTubers brings out sadness, anger, frustration and an all over negative energy in me, and make me feel really bad. This does not involve only YouTubers, but just people in general. When I`m saying negative I don`t mean that someone is talking about their problems and sharing difficult times and stories and are sad or mad about something. I think that`s great. When I say negative I mean people that are constantly angry at the world, angry at everything, talking bad about other people, mentioning their names in public for the whole world to see, and trying to bring other people down, are aggressive in their language, does not take responsibility for their own feelings and actions and are complaining in an aggressive manner over an over again, and are blaming or hating everyone else.
I`m not found of drama channels, it makes me feel bad, because to me it`s bullying and interference. If you talking down on someone in an aggressive sarcastic manner, making fun of them, to me that`s bullying and trolling. When someone says that the term bullying belongs in school and that we should not even use this words as a grown up. I`m sorry to say this. Ehmmm. It`s sad, but grown ups bully too, sadly without even knowing it themselves. The word bully or not, the definition is still there, and the hurt, the pain and the damage can still be caused to a person, even for grown ups.

Personally I don`t really feel bullied on the internet. I have felt harassment, hate, and some stalking tendencies from time to time , but not really bullying. To me it`s difficult to feel bullied or even harassed through a screen by strangers I never met, but that`s maybe because I have learned how to protect myself and not give it any of my attention. I`m not binging in the comment section and I know I have not done anything wrong. Peoples hate towards me is a mirror about themselves and has nothing to do with me, and the love I receive from people is also a mirror about themselves, a lovely mirror! It`s different if you are in a workspace or a school where you are surrounded with a group of people that intentionally gets together and are out to hurt you over and over again because they don`t like you, even if you did not do anything to hurt them. I`m not saying that cyber bullying is ok, because I`m sure there are people out there that are not able to find a way to protect themselves and gets really hurt and damages by it, but it`s also more difficult to control it. YouTube have definitely made my skin thicker, even if it should probably get even thicker, and for that I`m really grateful. 
My greatest tips to you is to never give haters, trolls, bullies any of your attention what so ever. Remember it`s all about them and not you. Don`t let them drag you down to their level, because then you will not feel or be any better. I can understand that this can be difficult, but try your best. You know you are better than that. On the internet you are able to block, delete, report and walk away.  Outside internet the situation is different. Luckily most people seem to have common sense, and for the other once, I`m really sorry for the victims. The best thing, or maybe the only thing to do is to find a way to walk away if you are not able to get necessary help to make them stop or walk away. 

MY Fluffy Teddy Bear squad have common sense, you are supportive, positive, understanding, patient, respects my boundaries, and are just kind human beings. That`s the subscribers that I wish to attract to my YT channel, and I do feel safe and happy on my channel because of you, so thank you for that. All kinds of different people stumbles through my channel, but it`s the Fluffy Teddy Bears that matters. 

If you managed to read all the way down here to the very last sentence I`m saying WOW.

Thank you for reading!

Have a blessed day!

Very Best



ASMR Whisper Exiting Unboxing

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ASMR Eating Sounds | Yummy For Tummy Salad

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My Blood Test Came Back | How Are My Levels On A Plant Based Diet?



Green Pesto & Salad Recipe

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Tomato Soup Made From Scratch Recipe

Tomato Soup Made From Scratch Recipe & Eating Sounds


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Long Time No See

HELLO my Fluffy Teddy Bears

I hope you all are doing just fine, and that you find time to relax and take care of yourself.

I have published some videos since last time, and here are some of them down below. 

So how am I doing? 
I have not been in the mood for blogging lately, I have had some rough couples of weeks. Good days, bad days, really bad days, ok days.... All over I`m doing pretty fine, trying to stay positive and focus on the beautiful in life. I have been working a lot on my ASMR channel, and in my kitchen trying out new recipes. I just love plant based healthy, tasty food, and to make it. I`ve also been good at cleaning the house lately, and getting a routine, not to mention doing yoga and stretching. 

Life can be BEAUTIFUL if You Let It. 

Staying POSITIVE can sometimes be really difficult and hard and that`s ok, but as long as you set your mind towards ALWAYS WANTING TO BE POSITIVE and GETTING THERE, you are already ON YOUR WAY to PoSiTivItY, and that in itself is REALLY POSITIVE. 


Take care and thank you for watching and reading!


ASMR Tapping & Scratching

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Happy Weekend

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ASMR videos 4 You

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Here are some new ASMR videos for you to watch, that`s up on my YouTube channel "Solfrid ASMR". I hope you all are doing good and that you will find this videos relaxing and tingling. Have a nice day or night and take care of yourself.


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Time For Your Spa Appointment

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

It`s time for some deep cleaning of your face and ears, and I will also give you a relaxing massage and prepare you for a good night sleep. Breath in, breath out, relax. 

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My Miscarriage Story 10 Weeks

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Happy weekend!

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Pre Recorded Videos

Hello my dear and Fluffy Teddy Bears

I just want to inform you about something, so you don`t have to speculate. Many of my YouTube videos, especially my ASMR videos is pre recorded, meaning I recorded it, edited it, and sometimes even uploaded it several days ago, sometimes weeks and maybe even months. So for me when it`s not a good time for me to record a video for whatever reasons I can push the "publish" button or schedule it to publish itself and that`s it. I`m telling you this because I don`t want you to think I`m recording ASMR videos when I`m sick. I could have done it and I don`t see anything wrong with it if I wanted to, because we all are processing grief in different kind of ways, but it`s not the very best time for me at the moment and I dont want you to think I`m doing something I`m not, and especially under this circumstances. When doing Youtube it`s important for me to try to always have some extra videos if I`m not able to record. Even that can sometimes be really difficult, because there`s a limit to how much I can produce and that limit can vary from time to time, but I do my best.

I think I will share my miscarriage story with you when the time is right. The whole story from beginning to end. YouTube videos like this have helped me a lot in my pregnancy, to know what can happen and what to expect when it`s actually happening. I choose to share my pregnancy journey from the very beginning this time, so I think it`s ok to share my miscarriage as well. 

I want to thank everyone for being so supportive in the comment section in the latest video on my vlog channel. It have helped me a lot. Both me and my husband sat down and read your comments today and it was really touching and heartwarming. Thank you so much. I`m so lucky to have such supportive subscribers. 

Just to update you a little bit. I had cramps this night, I guess light to medium cramps and it came back really intense and painful after I had taken a shower this morning. It did not last for long tho. When I came home from the pharmacy and grocery store I went to the toilet and the baby fell out of me. It was inside its little balloon. We washed it, opened it up and our little bean was perfect and beautiful. It was a really special moment for both of us. We took our time to watch this little miracle, our little baby, our little angel, and then we buried it in our garden under our beautiful tree. 
I will have to go back to the hospital this week to check that everything is ok inside me, I`m still bleeding.


ASMR Ear Stroking Relaxation (No Talking)

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Please Stop Speculate

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

Thank you so much for your nice and supportive comments on my lates pregnancy update. Most of them were really nice and supportive.

Just one thing. Please don`t speculate in my health and why I did not become pregnant any time sooner. There can be so many reasons, reasons that have nothing to do with my physical health or even my mentally health. I`m not obligated to share private or personal information with you, and what I choose to share is something you should not make into your own conclusions. Sometimes there are no specific answers. It`s really frustrating for me and it makes me question if I want to share things like this again. I told you previously that my husband and I tried to become pregnant without trying hard for about four years, meaning we were open to a pregnancy, that`s all. This because we wanted it to happen in a stress free and natural environment without feeling any kind  of pressure. In this period of time I sometimes focused on other things in life and did not think about pregnancy at all. Sometimes I even thought to myself it was a good thing it hadn't happened just yet, and that I should not stress at all about it, that it would happen when the time was right. I was so happy when I got a positive pregnancy test and before that happened I was considering buying ovulations tests. I did not do that tho, because I did not feel in a hurry.




ASMR Relaxation 4 You

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears and happy weekend. I hope you all are doing fine. New ASMR videos is now up on my YouTube channel Solfrid ASMR, and I hope you will find them relaxing and tingling. 

Have a nice day or night and take care!


ASMR Cosmetic Product Sounds Relaxation

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It`s time to relax. 

Nattinatt! ZZZzzzzzzz

ASMR Eating Sounds Green Pea Soup


ASMR Ear Massage

9 Weeks Baby Bump

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

Pregnancy update WEEK 9 is now up on my youtube channel "Dopyen". Right now am in this period where I`m starting to just look fat and want to go for a run. If someone did not know I was pregnant they would probably just assume I had some extra going on in that front area. I`m a person that would not for anything in the world let myself get fat, because I want to be healthy and healthy means not being fat and overweight. I also don`t get physically attracted to overweight and obesity, that`s just how my body and brain works, so therefor I would not allow myself to do that to myself either. I guess most people don`t want to be overweight and unhealthy and I know it`s not always that easy, but I strongly believe it requires first of all a healthy diet and letting go of certain types of foods. I believe that a low fat plant based diet is the healthiest diet out there for humans, and also the easiest way to have a steady and healthy bodyweight if you don`t want to work out like crazy. I prefer to eat healthy and eat until I`m full to maintain a healthy weight, and work out for the benefits of fitness. Being dependent on taking a run everyday to be able to eat unhealthy would not have worked out well for me, because I do not enjoy to work out a lot and it would still probably kill my body slowly on the inside before it`s time. I prefer to work out by not doing it intentionally by doing house work, canoing, take a walk, or a hike, but it`s no always a good time for that so then I will sometimes have to do the borring workout anyway. 

Have a nice day Fluffy`s

Take care and eat healthy!


ASMR Eating Sounds Tomato Soup

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My Very First Live Show

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears
I have decided not not publish my very first live show on my ASMR channel Solfrid ASMR, because the sound quality is so bad, and also I don`t know if I want to have live shows up anyways on a regular basis because the video quality is bad, and I can`t edit out things I don`t want. Anyway, I will share this live show with you on my blog, so enjoy. 
Listen with your HEADPHONES and you will hear me more clearly, even if the sound is pretty low.  

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Some morning thoughts

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

I did my very first live show today on my YouTube ASMR channel! It was pretty random and spontaneously. It`s not the video above, but I think it might be up on my channel later for you to see. I don`t know if I will keep it public for a very long time, because I don`t know the quality of the sound. Many complained about to bad sound, so I guess I will have to figure out the settings and stuff like that for the next time, if there will be any next time tho. I was a little bit nervous to be live and communicate with you directly to begin with, but I have had a good amount of time to consider it, and prepare myself mentally. You never now who will show up on a livestream, but I can always remove trolls or spammers so it`s not really that big of a problem. Another negative thing is that I can not edit anything and be in control of how it will look and sound like for my viewers. 

This early morning I could not sleep, so I decided to talk to you about my channel and what`t been on my mind lately. I`m just thinking loud really, and nothing is decided. I don`t like to make public decisions because I might change my mind av have some ambivalent feelings regarding different kinds of things. In this video you`ll get some insight into my feelings regarding creating ASMR and what you can expect for the future. 

Hope you all are doing fine.

Take care.




ASMR Eating Sounds Popcorn

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Times Goes By. What`s next?

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

Long time no see. I`m considering creating a new blog on an international platform. This platform is so typically Norwegian, and don`t get me wrong, I`m happy I`m Norwegian, but for my business I just feel there is more in it for me on an international platform. I don`t write in Norwegian simply because I want to reach a bigger audience and truth to be told there are no audience for me here in Norway. Never has, never will. One big advantage of that is that I get to practice my english which is a good thing for me. 

I want to blog more and not only share information about my ASMR channel, even if ASMR is my main focus. I guess that`s what people want from me, and that is also something I enjoy doing. I never had to try really hard to get a growing audience for my ASMR videos, even if I had to have discipline and work regularly and patiently for it to happen. My YT channel never exploded over night like for other YouYubers, but I have managed to come to a point where I`m pretty satisfied and happy with my achievments, even if I`ll always set myself new goals. I guess the main ingredients was "fun". Creating ASMR have been so fun for me. ASMR is something that`s also very popular in the world, so I guess that has something to do with it as well. I`m really thankful and happy I have come this far with my YT channel. I have found my boundaries and interests within the ASMR field. In the beginning I was exploring much more trying out different things. There are things I would never do again.
I want to make a website split in two... kind of... maybe... One for ASMR, and one for my personal interests, the person me behind the ASMR. Where I can share my interest for plant based food amongst other things. 

New video is now up on my Vlog Channel Dopyen. 

There has also been other videos uploaded to my DOPYEN channel. My pregnancy progress, symptoms and belly shoot. If you want to watch my videos you can just pop over to my channel. 


I will have to say I don`t appreciate people complaining about me sharing my pregnancy progress so early on. No one is forcing you to watch. I want to document this progress. This is my very first pregnancy and it means a lot to me. Remember I`m doing it for myself as well to document and create a memory for my child, and I can post whatever I want on my channel. There is also no rule on how early or late I`m allowed to buy baby equipment or clothes for my baby. All this spicy opinions can get to my nerves as a pregnant women, but I try to stay positive and tell myself that`s just not my problem and it`s not about me. Honestly I try to stay away from my comment section for the most part because there are just to many ignorant haters out there which I don`t have time or energy for. Not only haters, but perverts as well. When that is said most of my followers, my Fluffy Teddy Bears are so positive and supportive. You Fluffy`s are the once that matters to me in this cyber world, and only you. 

OK. So how have I been lately?
I have been so tired. So so sooooo tired and exhausted. I have had to push myself to record videos, but when everything was prepared, the setting, camera and everything, it was just fun for me to record, and it took my mind of all the concerns I had lately. My energy level is pretty low this days and preparing myself a meal, wash clothes, take a shower takes a lot of energy. Well it`s all normal from what I read, so I just expect it to get better soon.
My cat was attacked by one of the wild cats out there last weekend, and his eye and ear got really hurt. He has to take antibiotics and pain medication for some time now, and it`s just not nice at all. I just hope he will get well soon.

Some ASMR videos I published lately

Stay tuned for ASMR Eating Sounds popcorn ear to ear binaural. 

Thank you so much for watching and happy weekend!

Take care!



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