Thank you!

Hello dear readers and asmr subscribers.

First of all I want to thank you! I`ts because of you this is way more fun. Making whispered asmr videos for you, and be apart of something I really like, where I can contribute. I feel that I have found one hobby that I like doing, and also sharing. I`m so happy there are people that appreciate what I´m doing. Just want to say thank you, so THANK YOU! Thank you for all nice comments, thank you for liking my videos, and just thank you for wanting to be my subscriber. It actually means a lot to me.

About video request

I´m open for requests in my comment section. That gives me a lot of great ideas, and it also gives me some clues around what people want. Still I will never promise to do one request, because I do not want to make pressure on myself, or to disappoint someone. But I will keep them in mind, and you will just have to wait and see. Some request I will not do, because it does not feel right, and some is just right up my alley. Other I just have to think about, if it feels right or not. For example, role play is kind of strange to me at the moment, but I do find it interesting and entertaining watching videos like that, and maybe It will be fun to try it out my self one day.


When I`m in progress of doing a new video, I will often write about it on my blog, just so you know what to expect next, to communicate with you. and just to show you that mye channel is alive.
So I`m planning on doing at least one video next week, but I have not yet decided what, but I have som ideas running through my head. I`m also waiting for som beauty products that I can't wait to show you. Nail polished and lipstick. I`m that girly kind of type, that loves girly kind of makeup and cosmetic. Stay tuned cyber world!

I wish you the best!


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