There must be a Scrunchies Partey

ASMR video planning

Do you remember the scrunchies?

As a child she got me all this colorful scrunchies, and for years I did wear them as a palm on my forhead holding my bangs out of the way. I remember a red one, and a silver one... And yes, I also remember a bright blue one. There were probably more.

Well. I thought I was finished wearing these hairbands, but now it seems like it`s going to be an asmr scrunchie party for you guys. I actually did order a couple of them right now from eBay.

I`ve got a hair scrunchies video request a couples of times now, and I was thinking, "sure, why not? I can find some cheap scrunchies, and make a video, and maybe my hair will look nice in it to. Maybe this will be the time for me to add some scrunchies into my life, and hair routine."

Let me introduce you

1.The Brown One
This one was more on the pricey side, so I had to think twice about that, but It`s homemade, and really cute. It fits my hair color and it also have a little bit of black in it, and I love to wear black, so this will fit to a lot of my clothes. 
Since it`s so cute, and have a sensitiv touch to it, I should be wearing it with a classic, simple outfits. I could not wear this with sportswear, oh gosh no! You, see, thats what so hard about starting to wear special color, and fabric rubber band in your hair. It gives you a lot to think about, and maybe som headache to. "Could I pull this of, or not?" 
It´s so much easier to just go with that regular brown, small hairband, that goes with absolutely everything, and you just do not have to think about it at all. But I can see myself wearing this with simple black clothes, and probably more. Damdidam... Black dresses, damdidam... black blouses, black tops. Yellow chiffon dress, ehm.. that I do not have. lol. Dreaming away. 

2. The Grey One
Next out was cheap, like ten norwegian kroners. So yeah, It was cheap. It`s suppose to be a big scrunchie, and I like the thought of a bigger one. It`s grey. This would fit perfectly to some jeans, and black and blue college sweaters (ehm that I do not have yet), and simple elastic cotton tops (that I have). Oh yeah baby, I can see myself pulling that of. I also like the texture in this fabric. So simple, soft and nice. 

3. The Black One
The black one. Of course I had to get a black one to all my black outfits. I would of course rather prefer a dark brown one, matching my hair color. But they did not have that, and it`s ok. This can sure be nice to my black tops. And it was really cheap as well. 

4. The Pink And Playful One
The scrunchies I just randomly put up wherever and whenever, when I just want to wear something cute. Maybe to my pajamas. It would also fit really nice to some cool, tough, simple grey or pink sweatpants and hoodie. Yeah!

So I`m planning on doing a little scrunchies hair play when I receive the items, but I do not promise anything because I do not like to make promises. But if everything goes after the plan, it will happen. But first of all they have to send it to me, and I have to receive it as well, aaaaaaaaand that will take some timeeeeeee. 

I love making asmr videos for you guys.

Take care!





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