Soon some crinkling sounds

There will be paper sounds...

crinkle crinkle

And there will be plastic sounds. And I love coffee, so I could not miss the nice, and calm sound from this bag.

I also did buy myself some makeup removal cleansing wipes, to use before cleansing my face. I keep it in the fridge for it to not dry out. I have experieced these wipes to dry out, because I did not use it in a long time. I have my own mini space in the fridge for my nail polishes, and sometimes I keep some other cosmetic products there to, if I know I will not use it in a long time. For example sun screen. It`s a smart way to make the products last longer.

Anyway... I think the plastic sound is really nice.

Ønsker deg en nydelig dag kjære bloggleser, og ta vare på deg selv!



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