Wow. I just hit 2000 subscribers and I`m so thankful and happy about it. A big thanks to you all, my fluffy teddy bears that like my videos, and supports me. I don`t think you can imagine how much this means to me. But what can I say, it means a lot, and in many areas in my life it means everything. 

When I was starting my channel I was thinking about it, dreaming away, and setting future goals. I have this planner where I did write down my 90 days challenge. And I challenged myself getting to 2000 subs within 90 days, and I was thinking that it was a big chance I would not atchieve that goal, because I have failed many times before in life in other things, so I was prepered for that to happen this time also, thinking I would mainly just do this for myself, like a hobby, but also try to do my best, and most important of all, dare to be myself. It was fun to have something to work towards, and I did find myself getting motivated from you every day. From every single subscriber, from every likes, and from every nice comment about my work. 

I remeber i asked my husband "how many subscribers must i get for you to be prowd of me, and  for you to think it`s big? And he answered  " hmmmm, let`s see. Maybe 10?"  I laughed. And I said. "Should it not be at least 100 subscribers?" 

Now I will have to make myself a new challenge for the next months, and just see where all of this will take me. As long as I think this is fun, motivating, and rewarding, both for you, and myself, I will continue making asmr videos for you guys. It makes me so happy everytime my videos makes you relax, and even happier if it gives you tingles. Because I know all about that tingling feeling, and it`s just one of the best feelings in the world. So relaxing and healing. 

Thank you!

And now it´s time for bed. I`m so so tired. Been working on that kitchen all day. Slowly progressing.

Good night, and sweet dreams.









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This blog is about ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response)