ASMR keyboard Typing Writing In My Diary

Hello dear blog readers. This is just special for you who follows my blog.

This was really not planned. I was just sitting in front of my computer, and then I thought it would be fun to just play a video on my photobooth (computer camera) while I was writing in my Diary. I will not publish this public on my youtube account, because it`s bad quality video, and I dont`t want that of any of my channels anymore. But if you read my blog you will probably not mind this video. And It would also be nice to give you something special, that not everybody else is getting. 

I will probably make one good quality video later where I`m typing on my computer for my Solfrid ASMR, because I really like the sounds of typing, but as I said, this was not really planned. I was just in the moment. 

I did also record when i was writing in my planner. Maybe I will share that to, but I do not hope you can see what I`m writing, because it`s kind of private. 


Have a beautiful Saturday!



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