Soon very soon

Yesterday I could not make myself record any asmr videos, because I was not in the mood for it at all, even if it was the plan. I did eat up my guilty pleasure food also (pommes frites), that I was planning on eating with you guys, becasue it was requested, but I guess it was just not the right time for it. I was just all down there in my darkness.
Then I was thinking. " I just need some asmr now. I need to sit down, relax, and take care of myself, and watch my favorite asmr artists. Maybe I will feel better." So I did watch a makeup role play asmr video and after a while I experieced asmr in my head, and neck, and it felt really nice, so I thought to myself that I wanted to make a makeup role play myself, hoping to give you some of the same relaxing, comforting feelings. 

So soon I will do your makeup

I will brush and touch your face

Stay tuned!


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This blog is about ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response)