ASMR helps psychological issues

I have received feedback from several of you, letting me know that my videos have helped you in different kind of ways. That makes me always so happy, and I want to just say thank you for sharing with me, it means a lot.   

Making ASMR helps me in many different ways to. When I go into ASMR mood, I`m in my own litte world, giving myself some nice treatment as well. I can get a little bit stressed out sometimes when I have not made videos for a while, and I feel more relaxed the days I make them, letting go of negative thoughts, energy, and being more present in the moment. I feel that I actually is talking to people when I look into the camera. You are there, taking away some of the pain, emptiness and loneliness I tend to feel inside. When I`m with the camera I feel like I can be myself, and that I`m surrounded with all this fluffy teddy bears that like me for who I am, and sees me. Maybe all this is coming from inside of me. Maybe I`m trying to love myself, and are able when doing this ASMR.

I have been told I help people in different kind of ways, making struggles a litte bit more easier, like eating disorders, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression, loneliness, physical pain. That is just wonderful. I was not aware of the huge community, and all this benefits from ASMR when I first started. I just loved watching this videos, and wanting to be creative and make them myself, and see if I could be good at it, never really feeling good or passionate about anything before. This I just love doing. It`s just so fun and interesting, and I`m thinking about it everyday. And why I love doing it so much is because of you, of course 
It feels good to be able to give something away with myself, and I was not sure I would ever be able to that in my life feeling comfortable, but here I am, doing it in a different kind of way, and maybe in the only way that I can.

I LoVe ASMR and I`m so glad I can be a part of it. 

Have a wonderful day and happy weekend my fluffy teddy bears. I wish you all the best!





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This blog is about ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response), feelings and thoughts