What is love?

Soon there will be finger movements, stroking, touching your face and talking about the only thing that really matters to me LOVE. 
Have you ever been sick in love, in love, loved, felt loved, missed out on love, or even been heartbroken? Let`s just think a little bit over the big question, love. 

I`m just taking you on a little trip inside my head. What is love for me? What do that word mean? It can sure be different from your feelings about that. You have maybe more experience, and also maybe different experiences than me. There is probably not just one answer. The answer is lying in every people hearts. But I will just whisper and talk a little bit about it.

I probably left out much more to say about this subject, thinking about it afterwords when I was going for a walk, but I really need to concentrate to get in the talking mood, letting the feelings and thoughts come to me, and out my mouth. I got a little bit distracted also when I suddenly could se two men walking outside. 

Soon very soon

Stay tuned for some thoughts about love.





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