What`s so great about making ASMR videos

.... beside all the health benefits

Hello fluffy`s

So I just want to share some thoughts with you. 

I have been blogging for years and years. Hmm... .Let me see. I think I for real learned about how to use internet in 2001 when I moved to a boarding school, also called high school. From the very start I was always fascinated by internet and how you can interact with other people. I believe I was first introduced to chatting in 2000, and in high school I did get my first e-mail address and msn. And I loved to chat, and I also did chat with strangers sometimes, but I did not like that so much, because you never really know who`s on the other side, so I preferred to chat with friends and people I knew. I have not been on my msn for years and years. I do not know if it exist anymore. hm... And then Skype came.

But back to the blog. I blogged for a while, and I believe I got my first blog in 2006 because it was something new that everyone was doing. But then I did delete that blog, and in 2007 I got my second blog, and then deleted it after a while. And then in 2008 I got my third blog, but deleted it after a short time of period, and in 2009/10 I got my fourth blog, and I had it for a long period of time. I believe a year or so, and it became like a big thing for me. I did get regular blog readers for the very first time. I can not remember any people reading the other blogs that I had. hmmm. But then I got freaked out, because I was in a bad state of mind. So then I deleted that blog, and then in late 2010 I made myself a new blog, with my business name, because I had desided to open an online fashion store. Dont aske me why. Sometimes I can be really optimistic witch can be a good thing, but then again,I can be a little bit not realistic at all. I`m often thinking. If they can do it, I can to, not seeing that I do not have what it takes. But then again I have learned a lot from my mistakes... Hopefully... 
Opening a shop was not bad in itself, but just the way I did it. Anyone can open a little web shop without spending to much money, because there is a lot of great free solutions out there, the problem was I just did to much, wanting it to be a big thing right away, doing stupid mistakes. But at least I learned from it.

But. Yes. I did have that blog for, hm... let see. Until 2012 I believe. I had it as long as I had my online shop. I did not have many blogreaders, just a few, but it did not really matter. I loved blogging, posting outfits pictures, writing about fashion and sometimes feelings, and I have always liked to communicate over the big internett. I just like taking pictures, be creative, and then share with others, getting feedback or not. It just gives me pleasure. 

So, then I did delete that blog, when I decided to close the web shop because I was starting to work for some other people, helping them in their web shop, and then I was not allowed to have my own shop. At least they hinted that they would not be comfortable with that. But then I was not able to work there anymore and I did regret a little bit ending the shop because I had worked so hard with it, and it was crazy expensive getting that online shop up running, and renting the web place. Like really expensive with all this applications and stuff I had bought and got installed. So yes, I did regret loosing just the store, even if I had been so naive believing I would manage to make myself a living by doing that, with all the competition and big companies out there. When I closed my shop I had all this beautiful clothes that I did not now what do do with. I could not stare at the big stock of clothes, because it was a reminder of something that felt like a failure to me, but really a good lesson I have learned from appreciate, and also it just took up a lot of space, so I did give away a lot to friends and family, and then I gave the rest tho charity.

Ok. So now I just lost the track again. Back to the blog. 

And then I missed blogging again, so in 2013 I made a new blog solfrid.blogg.no, and I blogged for a year I believe, and then deleted it in 2014, and then I missed blogging, so I opened it again in like 2015, and blogged for some months and deleted it, and then I opened it again the same year. 

So let us see. I have had eight blogs. That is kind of a lot. And I have also had some blogs at wordpress, but I did not really enjoy having them. 

OH GOSH. I was not suppose to write about my blogs. I was going to write about whats so great about making ASMR.
But I think it was necessary to tell you this for you to understand the rest. I hope you are still reading. 

So when I got my first serious blog I opened my first youtube channel ever, that I still have today. For some reason I never got the urge to delete my youtube channel. But when I was making these makeup videos in 2009 some of my blogreaders was saying my videos were to long, that I should rewind the videos, make them shorter, and of course I listened to make them happy, but I was not really happy about it. 


Oh yeah baby. Let me tell you. TIME. I got all the time in the world. I need the time, and I take my time. I can do my makeup as slowly as I want to in front of the camera. No stress. The longer, the better, and that`s what`s so great for me when making videos now. Because I like to connect and entertain, and I love to be creative and record videos, and ASMR gives me the opportunity to use my time, and the time that I need. I like to do it slowly, I like to do it quietly. I`m so happy that I discovered ASMR, because I have found a place where I can allow myself to do it the way that comes naturally.

Just quietly, long, and relaxing. I can also whisper. Oh what a beautiful world. 

And also, I have learned that I do not have to listen to what other people want, because there will always be someone liking my videos the way I want to do it, asmr or not asmr, and I should do it the way that comes natural for me, and for those who likes it should come a long and follow. 

That was just one extremely long thought about what`s so great about making asmr videos. ;-)



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