Thank you sweet hearts out there

Wow. I just need to take the time to thank you for all your cute and wonderful words that you have been sending me lately over at youtube. It warms me up, and makes me really happy. Maybe you would not believe this, but I do have this problem of mine, often thinking negative destructive thoughts about myself. That I`m never good enough, and so on. That no matter how much I achieve It will never be good enough, I could always do it better, like that and that, comparing myself to others, and make myself feel really miserable. So when I`m reading your words it can be hard for me to believe it sometime, but I try to do it anyway, and when I let myself believe, I just feel appreciated by many of you, and that moves me. That some people out there actually finds me interesting, it feels really good. And that some people get inspired by me or get some kind of comfort by watching my videos makes me feel useful. So thank you. 

I kind of love this sweater. This smileys have been a part of my life for some time now on my iPhone, and I just really enjoy them. 




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