The very first ASMR video I saw

Hello fluffy`s

I want to share with you the first ASMR video I can remember that I saw, and that I experienced tingles from, and that was a hair brushing video. 

This hair brushing and hair treatment video felt so lovely and relaxing to me, so I asked my husband if he could do exactly the same thing to me in real life. And luckily he said yes. So I put a chair in the living room and my computer with this video next to us, just so he could follow the video and try to mirror what this asmr artist is doing. 
My husband is good at so many things, but brushing hair is a "girl thing" for him, and I can just feel his energy, that he think it`s borring, and that he want to get finished with it, so that just stops me from getting asmr. It would probably be better if a women did this to my hair, because women is just really good with hair brushing from the nature. It is like an instinct. We learn it from early stages, and get the grip of it. 


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