Finding my boundaries

In the prossess of making asmr videos, I have had to ask myself questions "is this ok?" "is this appropriate, and what is appropriate to me?" "Am I doing this to get more wives when I`m maybe not comfortable doing it?" "What attention do I want, and from whom? " and am I comfortable doing it at all?" Sometimes I just don`t know, and then I will just try it, and then see what feelings will be brought to my attention. 

So what is appropriate to me will maybe not be the same for you. It can be about how to dress, or behave. For some people maybe asmr videos in itself would not be an appropriate thing to to at all. 

I will maybe chew on a little gum in the future if I`m just doing some other related asmr stuff, but I can not picture myself doing another big bubble gum video like I did before, because I did get a lot of unwanted sexual attention, and also, after having some time to think some part of me felt that eating like that on a big gum in front of the camera can be understood as sexual, and I do not wish to make erotic asmr. A gum can actually look like a condom when it`s all blown up, and pop. What I have done, is done. That`s just life. It was fun trying it, I did it, and I will not do it again (that`s what I`m feeling right now in this moment at least). 
Also I did get pain in my tooth and mouth from chewing like that. It`s not healthy. I almost never shew on gums in my daily life, because I get pain in my teeth from it, and gas in my stomach from chewing, so my body would just lift from the ground from all the gas. Lol. Not the last part. The same goes from sugar-free lozenges. When I was younger I did eat a lot of lozenges all the time, and I will not tell you how bad that was for my stomach, but you can only imagine. :-s

I hope that in the future I will have come to some conclusions on what I want my asmr channel to be like, and then focus on making videos like that. I believe kitchen talk, making food, eating, tapping and scratching on different objects will be a part of that. Also doing makeup, hair, unboxing, outfits, fashion, reading, and some personal attention. Maybe some really easy role play now and then as well, but that will not be my main focus.
Right now I`m still trying out different things to see if I enjoy doing it, or not, and get to know myself. If that means I will loose subscribers because I do not want to make bubble gum videos, or anything else for that matter that I do not wish to to, I will be prepared for it, maybe a little bit sad, but at least I`m honest and true to myself, and I will get the attention that is suited for me. 
It is important to not loose myself in the prosess of making asmr videos, if that means stepping over my own comfort zone and boundaries.

I am often drawn to muture grown up women asmr artists. Like a mother figure if I can say so, and also, they are kind of my role model. So when I`m unsure about something I can find myself looking at my favorite female asmr channel, for videos, and thinking, hmmm. If they can do it in such a good innocent way, maybe I also can do it. So that`s what I`m trying to be like. Letting myself be me, but also letting myself have fun, and be the playful person I am, but at the same time try to do it in an innocent, not sexual way.

Just some thoughts from me to you

One fluffy teddy bear <3




Jeg har også forstått det slik at det er noen som er lei seg fordi jeg ikke hovedsakelig snakker på Norsk. Men det er en god grunn til det. Stort sett alle mine abonnenter er fra utlandet, noe som betyr at hvis jeg hadde pratet på Norsk, så hadde jeg ikke nådd ut til så veldig mange. Norge er jo et veldig lite land sånn egentlig. I tillegg er jeg skikkelig dårlig på engelsk muntlig så dette gir meg muligheten til å trene på akkurat nettopp det. ASMR er ikke så veldig utbredt i Norge slik jeg har forstått det. Det virker ikke som så mange vet om det, eller er interessert i det. Eller kanskje jeg bare ikke har fulgt så godt med. 
Men jeg har ikke glemt dere kjære landsmenn som liker asmr. Jeg lager videor på Norsk av og til, og kommer til å fortsette med det hele veien. Kan ikke love hvor ofte, men i løpet av en halvårs periode vil det forhåpentligvis har kommet flere asmr videoer på Norsk.

Ps. Når jeg begynner å snakke engelsk til mannen min i søvne, ja, da vet jeg at jeg har pratet mye engelsk. hehe 


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