5000 Fluffy Teddy Bears

Hello hello hello my sweet and fluffy teddy bears

I`m so happy that you want to be a part of my teddy world. It is maybe a fantasy, imaginary world, but we all need a little bit of that in our daily life, dont we? ^^ At least I do. You are my therapy, so please don`t leave.  

Wow. I have now reached five thousands plus subscribers, thanks to you guys, I`m so thankful and happy about this.
When I first started out this channel I could not picture my channel growing so fast at all, even if I hoped and wished for it, and decided to do the best that I could, trying to be myself in the prosess. 
I also know that there is other sweet hearts out there that have gotten thousands and thousands of subscribers in just a couple of weeks. But I try to not compete or compare myself with others, because that is the biggest trap. 
If you always compare yourself with others you will always feel miserable and not good enough, so I will not let myself do that, and it can be hard sometimes, but I`m aware of it, and try to be happy with myself and what I have accomplished.

" Compare yourself only to who you were yesterday. Be your own competition."

I want to thank you so much for supporting me. And I`m so happy that you like my asmr videos. So THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you everyone. Thanks to my very first subscribers, thanks to the one that come along. Thanks to the one that have been here from the start, thanks to the one that have been here for a long time, thanks to the one that have been here for a short time, thanks to the one that have been here for only a minute. Thanks to everyone. THANK YOU!
Thank you for every thumbs up, comments and you sharing. Thank you! It means a lot!!!

So what`s next?

Well. I will continue make asmr content for you guys, and you have no idea (or maybe you have;)) how tired I`m of living without a kitchen, and living in a mess. But I should not complain, because I`m kind of very lucky, because our new kitchen is going to be my dream kitchen come true. I`m looking forward to be able to eat by the kitchen table, and also make food with you guys. 

I was planning on saving up for this binaural microphone that have ears on each side (and I still kind of do), but I`m actually very pleased with the mic that I have. The sound is maybe a little bit sharp, but it does pick up the sounds really good, and I could always learn to edit the sounds in iMovie as well. But it will never be perfect, so I think I will just stick to this clip on for a good period of time, and maybe buy this binaural gradually, because in some cases the binaural will probably be better, when I`m going to whisper into your ears or do an ear massage. But when I`m eating I think it`s best with a clip on mic because I really want you to hear my eating sounds, and this is my way of doing it. I know there is people who not like the intense eating sounds, but also I know there is people who love it, and it is for those people, you guys, I make it. Also, I prefer that you can hear my whisper voice without having to put your volume up on the highest level. I think the sounds is important, and I wish that I could know more about doing it the best way, but I will just have to educate myself, and do the best that I can. It is not easy, because I would love to make everybody happy. At least you can hear what I`m saying load and clear. Maybe it is better to listen to my asmr without headphones, because with headphones the sounds can maybe be to intense for you, with the mic I`m using? I hope not though. But but...
I`m a little bit sad about my latest video, the Men`s shampoo hair video, becasue the fabric of my blouse touched the mic and made the sound fuzzy. I should have put the microphone next to my husband, on the drawer. But this is a learning process, and I will just have to let myself make some mistakes. 

I also want to show you my pets one day, my two cats, and little dog, but that will have to wait until the living room and kitchen is done. I love them so much. 
I have two cats, one boy and one girl. They are siblings, but looks like night and day. And then I have a chihuahua. He is a boy, and is six years old. The cats is about nine years old. They have my heart. 

I want to show you a little bit of the refurbishment process of our kitchen to be, and how our bedroom looked like before. 

1. (Top left corner) A picture taken of our bedroom, the room where I`m recording all of my ASMR videos at the moment.
2. (Top right corner) Our kitchen how it looked like before. You see the wall right ahead, in front of me? It`s gone!
3. (Bottom left corner) Our new sink. I love it. 
4. (Bottom right corner) The door into the kitchen was right ahead before. Very much unpractical. Now it`s closed.  As you can see there is still much left to do. But in the end it will be worth it. 


I will have to say goodbye for now, but I`ll write you next time. 

Until then...




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