Time to expand the equipments

Hello fluffy teddy bears

I`m happy with the microphone that I have. My very first ASMR microphone. The Hama Stereo Digital Clip Microphone. It is cheap, and it picks up the sounds really good I think, and is very easy to use. But but but. There is always a but. We will come to that later.

So this was a good choice when I first started out my ASMR channel. Just to se if I would enjoy making asmr videos, not putting to much money into it. It has given me a lot of joy. It has given me subscribers, like a lot of happy subscribers. Many people have given me positive feedback telling me they love the sounds from this.

But you get what you pay for (and I think I got a lot when I bought this), but I believe there is microphones out there with higher quality, and is better for ASMR than my cute little Hama Clip. Maybe not for eating videos and whispering and when I`m sitting far away, because with a regular microphone I will maybe have to sit right next to it. But I`m not sure, so I will just have to play a lot, and try it out. The sounds from the one that I have now can be a little bit sharp, if I can put it like that.

I think it`s time for me to upgrade the equipments, and after doing some research and watching some reviews, I believe that if I learn how to use the new microphone the right way, the sounds will hopefully be better. The clip on will maybe be more suitable sometimes or even often, because it is so tiny and easy, but I`m quit curious if the new microphone will pick up my eating sounds and other sounds as good as the clip on or even better. I think it should, since it is so expensive, and I would probably be quit disapointed if it does not live up to the expectations. 

So what`s next?

I believe that this two babies will come in really handy in the future for some ASMR related videos, so stay tuned for that.
I`m looking very much forward to upgrade and expand, and I hope you looking forward to.




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