Helleu fluffy`s

Soon very soon there, will be some...

.... ASMR Pillow Scratching touching

I hope you will find it relaxing and tingling.

I want to thank you for all your nice comments lately, and support. There is so many of you that appreciate my ASMR, and that means a lot to me, so thank you my fluffy teddy bears. And for you that is new to my channel, I call my supporters my fluffy teddy bears, because I think it`s cute. 

When a channel is growing there will be more and more people walking into my channel by a mistake, that does not know what ASMR is, and will hate what they see and even hate me as a person. Many people that hate it will also feel the need to let me know that they hate it. That is unfortunately a part of being on youtube and the big internet.


I can, and we all can take control, because I dont want the hate that is coming towards me or the ASMR community to ruin my motivation, inspiration and joy. I must remember why I make videos in the first place, so it`s all about focusing on the right thing to not loose the fun.

So from now on I will try to stay away from the comments until I have made my ASMR videos. And I mean all the ASMR videos for the week. So this week I have several videos I want to make for you guys, so therefor I will not read the comments until I`m finished. Like Thursday, or Friday. Because I don`t want the comments to affect me in any kind of way, because I`m in a really good inspirational mood, and that can easily be gone.

Also, I have now set the comment section for approval, meaning I will have to read through them before publishing them. And I will only publish the comments that is nice, appropriate, constructive and I think is relevant to ASMR, me and my work. Disrespectful and harsh controlling comments is not ok, but don`t misunderstand. I`m happy for feedback and humble advice. My comment section is not the place to be rude, controlling or nasty with me, or anyone else of my fluffy teddy bears. It is going to be a nice place to be for all of you.
Basta Bom! ;)

I just wanted to share a little bit what I`m going through right now. I was kind of blown away from all the negativity for a moment. Maybe I will write a whole blogpost about how to deal with trolls in the future, after getting some more experience. We should not let the hate get to us and destroy our joy in life. 
Be strong for yourself and others!
Have a nice day, and stay tuned!




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