Soon My Skincare Routine

I love cosmetics and makeup, for not mentioning fashion and pretty things. I just love it. 

So this time I will share with you my currently skincare routine, and it changes through seasons and stress related issues. I wonder if I should make an skincare routine every for every season. Like Spring, summer, autumn and winter, and if I suddenly changes everything, which I doubt. I love to try out new products, but I also like to stick to those products that I really adore, like for example my Best Skin Ever oil from living libations. I just like the hole concept behind it, and it`s also organic and all natural. And even if I prefer natural products, I like to use other thing as well that I feel works on my skin. For me it`s not possible to be totally natural. At least not now.  

I love to watch videos like this myself, for advice when I`m looking for new products to try out. 

There will be tapping and whispering

And some beauty secret advice;)

I really want to get myself a routine within making ASMR beauty videos.
Like Cosmetic Routines, Makeup Routines, First Impression, Different looks,  Product reviews, Fashion Haul, and get ready with me videos where I do my makeup and hair.
I just love this kind of videos, an I would like to do it all ASMR, so it will be relaxing and tingling. 

And of course I also want to continue what I`m already doing, making different sounds, whispering and personal attention that has nothing to do with shopping.

Stay tuned my fluffy teddybears




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