Soon very soon

Soon very soon there will be an new ASMR eating sounds video up. This time some vegetarian spaghetti. 

There have been a lot of different people stumbling across one of my eating videos, and that is great really, but I must tell you there is so many out there that have no clue what ASMR is. And even if they were told what it is, they dont really understand if they have not experienced ASMR. This relaxing, wonderful tingling feeling is not something you can just decide to feel, and I believe you will be pretty sure if you have had the feeling before. But of course, ASMR can be great for relaxation as well, even if you can not experience the tingeling feeling.

Someone think ASMR is a fetish. It`s not. But of course, as so many other things, I can not control who is watching my videos and for what reason. That goes for all youtube artists out there, not only ASMR artists. 

So lately I have been called a pig, cow, anorexic, slut, whore, prostitute, disgusting and you name it, because I eat in a certain manner in front of the camera. Well well. Also. Someone is talking about hungry children in Africa? Like, I can not eat, and entertain, just because there is suffering in the world?  No one should have to starve or suffer, but that has nothing to do with me making eating videos, and I can not just stop eat, try to live and have fun, just because there is starvation in the world. If I decide to eat in front of the camera to help people relax, and feel some kind of connection that is my freedom to do, and even a good thing, and I do not hurt anyone by doing that. But this negativity is something I have been waiting for, after seeing what other bloggers and vloggers is going through. That is just the way it is. We can not change other people, just change the way we choose to react and feel. Because in the end we are all responsible for or own feelings, thoughts and actions. What have helped my lately is just to approve the fluffy`s, and delete and block the negativity, because that is not welcomed, and something I do not want to put my energy into. That is me putting some boundaries, setting a line, and having respect for myself. 
I choose to talk about this with you as well, just to make you understand what I`m going through in this youtube process, and also for you to not feel alone if you are going through the same thing.  
I try to focus on all the positive comments, and you guys make me smile. People who understand where I come from. It feels good, so thank you for all that nice energy. I`m just an entertainer and the world need entertainment as well as other things. There are actresses out there, singers, people doing sports, youtubers, tv shows. It is a lot of entertainment in different ways for different interests.

I also made a tapping video today, trying my 3Dio for the very first time, and may I say WOW? The sound!!!! Wonderful sound. So much better than the clip on for this kind of ASMR.

I appreciate you so much my fluffy teddy bears!

Stay tuned!







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