Testing out the 3Dio

Hello fluffy`s

Today I tested my 3Dio Free Space the way I usually see it used by ASMR artist on youtube. With the ears in front of me, and in front of you. 

There will be plastic sounds, scratching, tapping, whispering, ear blowing, some mouth sounds, hand movements, and some ear touching. It will hopefully be up on my channel tomorrow. 
I didn`t use the Zoom this time. I just attached the ears directly to the camera. I think the zoom can control the sounds more, but this is something I will learn gradually.  Baby steps. ^^

Thank you so much for being here, it mean so much. And also, thank you so much for your thumbs up and fluffy comments. It is so wonderful there is people out there that know what ASMR is, that experience it, and gets triggered by my work. 

Have a beautiful night or day. I will try to publish a teaser on my instagram account. 

God natt!

Stay tuned!




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