To much

Hello fluffy`s

Hope you all are doing very well, and that you enjoyed your weekend in one way or another.

So what`s next?

Lately there have just been to much comments to approve on my eating videos, and at least half of them must be from people that are not into ASMR, and does not know what that is. I guess eating videos are very much popular in one way or another whether ASMR or not.

I could just put the comments to public right away, but I do not feel like doing that, because there are a lot of comments I do not want on my channel that has nothing to do with ASMR, and that I do not feel like putting my energy into.

I feel that the ASMR community are much more understanding and have respect for other peoples triggers and what they like. But the comments on my eating videos, and especially one of them, have just become more and more exhausting to go through. It is just to many of them, and to much negativity from strangers that I do not feel a connection with at all. I do not blame them, I can understand that they find my videos weird. I just feel like not dealing with their reactions. They must deal with that on their own, and not take it out on me. 

So what to do, what to do? 
So what I will do for now is just disable the comments on my eating videos, because I feel I should put my energy into making content for my fluffy teddy bears, rather than putting it into unpleasant comments from people who gets into some kind of shock when they watch my videos. I must try to use my energy right, and focus on making ASMR, and maintain the joy I feel from creating, because I do not wish to stop. 

I will also maybe in the future disable the comment sections on all, or most of my videos, and rather open up for communication sometimes when I`m up for it, or in the first 24 hours when I publish a new video. hm...


See ya, in my next video my fluffy teddy bears.



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