10K Fluffy Teddy Bears

Wow fluffy`s, and hello fluffy`s 

I have now reached ten thousand of fluffy teddy bears (subscribers). Can you believe it?  That is just a little bit unreal. Like, I can not take it in over me yet. Is it big or not? And have I done a good job, or what happened? Should I be proud of myself? 
My channel has grown pretty gradually, but still faster than expected. I`m happy about this.  

I want to thank everyone, you all matter so much to me and this ASMR channel, and I appreciate you so much!
A special thanks to you fluffy`s that have been there from the beginning, and that have been supporting me all the way. Thank you for believing in me and wishing me success!!

What really happened is that I just really enjoy making ASMR. It is just so fun and relaxing, and have also been some kind of therapy for my soul. I haven't really felt such joy and enthusiasm from creating before, or at least in a very long time.  This is just different, because it gives energy instead of taking it. And it makes me relax as well.

I will continue to make ASMR content that I hope will bring you joy, and help you relax in a world that is so full of stress and big noises.   

If you read my latest blog post you understand that I have been in a process of finding out how I must relate to all this unwanted negative comments and attention on my channel, to be able to continue my work. 

So what I believe. An artist should not be put in a box with all this rules, because that will just strangle the artists creativity and joy. 

To much of
"you should do it this way" "you should do it that way" "if you just do it like this I will subscribe to you, and if not..." "Please do it like that" And so on and so on.... A lot of commands....

I create best when I just do it my way, the way that comes natural, and to be able to do that I can not let people try to change me. 

I hope you understand. It has just been to much lately, and since my channel is a big part of my life now, and the only thing I have for myself, that is only mine,  I`m not able at this point to just ignore the negativity, because I`m a sensitive person and I should protect myself, so therefor the only thing to do is to block it out, and be happy. Like close the comment section for now. I will open up for communication sometimes, when I`m up for it. When I want feedback, advice or something like that. But on a daily basis I just need to concentrate on the real matter, and that is creating.  

Thank you so much!

I`m looking forward to keep this channel running, and I hope you will stick around! 




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