Soon very Soon

Hello you sweet hearts out there, or in there, in my screen. 

Stay tuned for some eating sounds.

Today I spent quite some time in the "kitchen" preparing a delicious meal for you (me) guys. 

And I also made myself some fresh Lime water

And now....

I`m going to answer some questions and comments.

1. No, I do not always eat with my mouth open. But this is an ASMR eating sounds video, so I let myself just do what comes natural for me, and also I do play a little bit with the sounds, because I`m a playful person, and can not see anything wrong in eating with my mouth open when it comes to this. I know how to act when I`m out and around other people. Some like this kind of videos, and some don`t. 

2. No, the food does not go into my forehead. :-b 

3. No, I do not agree with you. I do not think I need botox. I`m past thirty, and should have some wrinkles in my face, even when I eat food. And there is nothing wrong with my eyebrows, other then I did pluck them before, and I`m trying to grow them out. I prefer natural eyebrows because I think that is nice for my face shape, and I will not change them and make them smaller. 

4. Nope, I`m neither a pig, a cow or a frog, but I do love them all very much, and think they are the cutest. 

5. I do not eat this much food for every meal. In fact I eat much more in my ASMR videos, and I`m usually full rest of the day after big meals like this, or at least almost. And it is not that much. It`s mostly vegetables and salad, and it`s not much really, and goes through my digestive system very fast. That`s what so great about vegetarian food.

6. Yes, I do make the food myself. Maybe not all from the very scratch, but I do make it myself if nothing else is mentioned. 

7. Wts up with moi eye? I had eye surgery as a child. 

8. I whisper because I make ASMR videos for relaxation purposes, and whispering is a part of it, and kind of my thing. I prefer that before speaking softly, because it helps me relax as well. And when I relax its easier for me to talk english, and also remember what to say. 

Stay tuned my fluffy`s and have a beautiful day!





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