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I guess I need to grow som tick skin

Hello sweethearts

I have missed you so much on my channel!! I disabled the comment section on all my videos, but I guess it would have been enough to only do it on one video in particular, or the eating sounds videos. I was just so sick and tired of getting the same negative comments over and over again. Reading through hundred comments everyday at my breakfast table on this one eating video, and at least half of them must have been really.... like.... what can I say?.....
I was not even able to focus on the positive comments, because I just got so stuck in all the negativity, and I`m so sorry about that. It just gave me headache, and I was thinking to myself. " I should not sit here and read negative comments, when I should pick myself up from that chair and record videos for my fluffy teddy bears.

I just needed some time off, so i disabled the comments. But suddenly it felt so lonely and quit on my youtube account, because I realized I want to feel some kind of connection with you guys, and also that you guys can interact with each other as well. I think it is so lovely to see people talking to each other in my comment section.
I will at least let the comment section on my latest video be enabled. At least for 24 hours, and hopefully longer, depending on the content of course. I`m not sure about the eating videos yet. Maybe I should just put them to public right away, so I don`t have to approve them. I need to think about that for a while. 

I would not have made all this ASMR videos if it had not been for you watching my videos. If this was an empty youtube channel with no views, likes and no subscribers, this would just have been nothing at all. I feel needed, and I`m so happy I`m able to help in my own small kind of way. That is a really good feeling. So THANK YOU for giving me that!

View to something beautiful. Two fluffy teddy bears 

The woods

Kitchen in progress 

So this is my youtube process, learning my way in this game, going back and forth. And for you guys that have been following my journey from the very beginning, you know all about it. ;-) 



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