The kitten who lost her mother

Hello my fluffy teddy bears!

Now I`m almost starting panicking, because it has been a while since my last hello.

It is summertime meaning...... and I went on a little roadtrip. Right Now I`m just tired and exhausted, and I have been a little bit stressed out lately, meaning my skin have been in bad shape, with some coldsores and breakouts. 

Look at this beautiful king in Østerdalen, Norway. Elg!

Just a quick break... Walking my dog, or.... the fluffy teddy bear. ;)

I`m in bad shape right now. Just really, really tired, hoping to record some ASMR tomorrow.

Something have happened. 

When I got home in the evening I could hear some strange continuous screaming outside. It sounded like an animal, a cat or a bird. I went outside, quit, nothing there. Early this morning abut 5 o clock, we woke up by the same, sad screaming again. Someone was screaming for help. We went outside, and a kitten was standing under our shed. It was actually standing outside the shed, but when it saw us, it disappeared under, and behind, and was suddenly gone. 

We went back to bed, but then after a while the kitten started screaming again, and my husband went out without me noticing. I was so tired.  After a while he came back, waking me up with a black kitten in his arms. A scared little fellow who has lost her mother. Suddenly I was wide awake.

There are unfortunately homeless cats in my neighborhood, so it seems like something have happened with the mother of this one. I dont know.

What now?

We have already one dog and two cats, and that is kind of more than enough responsibility I think, but ..... we love animals, and we want to make sure to give this little princess or prince a safe future, and a proper home. We could probably also call the animal protection service, but we haven`t really decided yet, if we are going to keep it or not, and also, I don`t know if they would just kill him/her. We believe it is a girl, but not sure yet.

My heart is extremely soft when it comes to animals, and I get easily attached, so it is not a good idea to let it stay in the house if we are not going to keep her. We should probably have called the animal people today, but .... but .... but.... One more cat could probably go, but nothing is decided. 


well well well

I have some ASMR videos planned out, and also, I`m waiting for my first sponsor package with a couple of tops that this company let me pick out. I`m really looking forward to one ASMR "fashion haul", "try on", "fabric sounds" video, if the clothes stands to my expectations, and that the pictures and the description from the online store is correct. This will be an unpaid sponsorship, and I will also always mention in the description of the video, and in the video, if a product is sponsored, and if it is with or without compensation. 

I wish you a beautiful day, and I will see you soon!


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