Hello fluffy`s

Soon there will be an ASMR Whisper unboxing fashion haul, try on video, and the products are sponsored. There will be whispering and som crinkle sounds. Looking forward to showing you what I got.  

This video was kind of an experience for me. Knowing I have to make a video stressed me really out. Like really really out. I don´t know what it is, but I do not work well under pressure, and I don`t like to have something hanging over me. Deadlines, and stuff like that. It`s not only that either. If I know there is something that will happen in the future, I can start to dread and dread and dread about it, and it`s easier to just don`t do it.  But I believe I can get better at it. Like expanding my little square of comfort zone. 

Sometimes the thought of sitting in a dark room, under a big warm carpet, all alone, no one is waiting for me, no people I have to meet for the next year, no expectation, quit, and no plans. It comforts me. But then again, it would probably not be the healthyest situation. ^^

Stay tuned!




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