15K Fluffy Teddy Bears Appreciation

Hello my fluffy teddy bears

I have now reached 15000 of fluffy teddy bears, meaning subscribers, and I`m so happy, and feel so lucky that so many of you enjoy my ASMR. Thank you for sticking around my channel. And for those of you who read my blog, it`s really nice, because it gives me the opportunity to communicate with you on a different level, where I show you more of behind the scene, which is not always pleasent. This is the place where I get out my frustration, but also all the joy.  

So below you can see a screenshot from when I was on my way to 2000 subscribers. I was so exited, and actually I was so happy from the very start from every subscribers, and that gave me a ton of motivation to continue.

Now I have reached 15000 subscribers, and when I think about it, it`s  a lot of people. People which hopefully have subscribed for the right reason, because they like me, and not because they hate me. 


I do not read the comment section to often anymore, because it is a lot of hate out there, and I don`t want to feed myself with all that hate, that I know has nothing to do with me in the end. People must take responsibility for their own feelings and reactions, and not take it out on me/others just because it is not their cup of tea. 
I need to protect myself. It is so disturbing that so many people can write so much evil and nasty things online to a complete stranger, just because they do not like what they see.
When that is said, I do read the comments on my latest videos, (at least once) but my eating videos I have distanced myself from. I`m not going to change myself or the way I make my ASMR. Someone loves it and someones hates it, and I have no intention, nor the power to please everyone. I make videos for the one that like my type of ASMR. The haters is welcomed to move along to another channel. 
I eat exactly in what manner I see fit when it comes to ASMR, and if I want to eat with my mouth open or closed it`s up to me to decide, and it depends on what mood I`m in. As I have said before. I know how to eat out in public and around people, but when it comes to ASMR eating sounds, I eat the way I want to. And I do like to play with the sounds to some degree. 

When someone is telling me that this or that is not ASMR they are completely wrong. ASMR is a tingling feeling, and this feeling can be triggered by so many different sounds and visual stimuli. 

Well well well... 

Happy news

Our kitchen is in progress, and soon finished. Like not tomorrow, but sooner than later. 


Now. There is still much left before it`s completely finished. I`m looking so much forward to make ASMR cooking videos with you guys, when the kitchen is ready!!

I wish you a beautiful week, and day or night, and thank you so much for you support. Thank you, thank you THANK YOU! 




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