Thoughts about doing youtube and my ASMR channel

How to deal with business inquiries, sponsorships, hate comments, youtube goals, income, unwanted attention, anxiety, seductiveness. 
If you want to hear my real voice, this is the time to press play. ;-)

Thoughts about my youtube process over at Solfrid ASMR. Just needed to blow out some steam, and try to make some sense out of all the strange feelings and thoughts I`m feeling. This is kind of a way for you to get to know me a little bit better I think. Maybe I`m too honest. Time will show. 

Please do not let this video scare you away. I do appreciate my subscribers so much, and I feel so blessed and thankful for where I`m at right now. 
Subscribe at my other youtube channel Dopyen for various videos from my life. I do not make regular videos for this channel, because I`m not comfortable being too private, or sharing my personal life too often. I like my privacy, and I`m so happy that I have found one category/theme (ASMR), that I really love doing, that doesn't have to include my privacy if I don`t want to. I can be personal, without being private. ^^
Why Dopyen?
As a child I had a hamster called Dopy.  <3 


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