Eta Eple?

Hello my fluffy teddy bears

I made this video a while ago, but I did not feel like publish it at the time. I didn`t like it, but now I think it`s totally fine.
Sometimes when I look at myself when editing a video, or looking at a picture I think I look really weird and like..... ugh ugh, pølse med lugg.... But when I watch it another day, I think it`s not that bad at all, and I don`t understand my eyes and what I`m thinking.
But then again. Doing youtube and being good at something should not be about the looks at all. It should be about what you are doing. I have my bad days like probably everyone else. Bad skin days, bad mood days, bad hair days, bad this, and bad that. The secret is to just embrace it and try to not care. 

I hope you like this video and find it relaxing!

Happy weekend!


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