One Million Views!!!

Let us just take a moment fluffy`s...

and think about this funny little fact...

One of my videos have now had over one million views. Like 1000.000 Views. I hope I wrote it right, with six sero`s? That is just so awesome!!

A lot of views, a lot of hate hate hate, but also a lot of lve love love love. ;) One fluffy said to me, If people are hating it means I`m doing something right, and that thought have helped me a lot lately. I`m focusing on the positivety and there has been so much positive feedback, and I`m so thankful! 

So today I`m allowing myself to be happy about my video that have reached that amount of views. I have been thinking about this. Someone must have shared it. And I just want to thank the/those person that did that. And also thank everybody for sticking around helping me with your thumbs up, and positive feedback. And for the quiet one`s. It`s totally fine. I`m not much of a commentator myself. I appreciate you all so much!

And I should probably tell you something else as well

I have been working on a project lately with an artist, making a short ASMR video for something that will hopefully happen for fall (I believe in September), and if it does happen, I will of course share it with you guys, and tell you all about it.
So this project is something I`m so happy to be a part of, and it really stressed me out a lot, because I wanted do a good job, and the best job I could possible do. So the last couple of weeks I have been spending a lot of time rehearsal, and recording for this project, but now it`s finally completed and approved. 

Now I can go back and put all my "work energy" into my ASMR channel again. Yey!! And that is a relaxing and nice feeling I must say.



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