20K Fluffy Teddy Bears!!

What can I say? Jesseee Chri... No, I should not swear. hmmmm. Let`s see. What can I say? Herreminhatt! Herlighet!! Oh my flowers and sun, and pig potato chips and bananas. Bloody Mary (the drink).  Is this even real? Like twenty thousand of fluffy`s watching my ASMR. It is so wonderful and amazing, and I am so happy and grateful for you guys.
Being a youtube creator is the funniest thing in the world, because you are there with me. I love it! I love everything about it. I love that I have found something that allows me to be myself, and someone who appreciate what I`m doing. Maybe I`m a strange and weird person, but it dosen`t matter. I am me, and that is the only person I should be. If I can give you some advice, it is to be yourself, and embrace you and what you are. Love yourself. Accept your self! Do you, and you will find piece and happiness. Life will not always be easy, at least not for me. There will be tears and heartache. That`s just life. Life is not easy.  But I hope you understand what I mean. ^^

I appreciate you so much my fluffy`s. I feel less alone because of you, and I hope you do to. 

Looking so much forward to develop myself and this channel, having you there with me. 

Thank you so much!!




OH YEAH!! And...  Feel free to add me on snapchat DOPYEN if you want some random snaps from life, shared public on my "My Story" sometimes.  
This will not be for communication. I can`t add people to my friends list there, because for me it is important to keep the professional distance, and I prefer to let the communication stay in my comment section on youtube. Having people contacting me on different platforms will just be to much for me to keep track of. I hope you understand.


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