ASMR Whisper Ear To Ear Massage

Hello my fluffy`s

So here it is. An ear massage for you. Please sit down, or lay down, and enjoy. 

I really hope you will find this video relaxing and tingling. It always makes me so happy when people are relaxing to my videos. That is just awesome!


I just want to say some quick words about my latest video. I`m overwhelmed from the positive feedback I got. That you liked me recording in the woods, and also that you are so supportive, and wishing me the best. Truth to be told. I stayed away from my comment section until today, just because I imagined myself people getting angry at me for even suggesting Patreon, and I wasn`t in the mood to read those comments yet. Probably because of the hate I have seen other creators have gotten.
This hate are probably from people who don`t understand the concept of being an artist, and also that it takes a lot of time and work creating youtube videos. Sitting in front of the camera is just one small bit of it. And this time and work are something that I really love doing. It`s my passion, and I`m gladly giving it to you for free! But everyone needs money in one way or another, and everybody should have a job they love doing. I wish that up on everyone, including myself. 
Creating a Patreon account is just one of the tools, and not something I wish to base my income on. As I said. I appreciate you all regardless. I don`t want you to become a Patreon if you are not into that kind of thing.

I have made videos every week for the past seven months, and I would not have been able to do that, if I had the wrong intentions. I really love making ASMR videos, and I need to work from home. And also, I have been honest from the very beginning about me wanting youtube to become my job. 

When I made this Patreon video, I thought to myself that I should not care about the possible negative reactions. I know myself, and I know why I`m doing this. There is nothing fake with having a job that you love, and using the tools that are out there to be able to continue.

hm... Those quick words suddenly become long words. 


Have a beautiful day my Fluffy Teddy Bears!




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