Passion 4 Fashion

Yes baby, that`s me! I mean... having passion 4 fashion, and probably fashion for passion as well. hmmm....

Hello my sweet and Fluffy Teddy Bears!!

Today something wonderful happened. A package arrived at my doorstep. A package from whom I will reveal for you soon, but not that soon. Hopefully next week. This is the sponsor collaboration I was talking about in one of my latest ASMR videos. I`m just waiting for my last piece to arrive.

So I could not wait to open the package, so I decided to make the unboxing, and try on video today, and then make the last part when I receive the last package, and than add it beautifully inn with the rest. 

So this will be an inspirational fashion video, but also an video for relaxation and ASMR purposes, so it will be a long video. I just had really fun today when I recorded this video. 

So stay tuned for an ASMR Whisper Crinkle Fashion Haul Unboxing Try On Review video in the nearest future, sharing a wonderful website with you. I hope you are as much excited as I am. 


Happy weekend my Fluffy Teddy Bears!!!

I wish you a beautiful day or night, and take care!




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