From the left top corner: Medical heart stethoscope (Pink!!!XD), Neurological Penlight , Blood pressure BP cuff set, Lab/Medical/Pharmacist/Nurse/Doctor coat, Otoscope/Opthalomscope stomatoscope set,  Disposable Latex gloves powder free. 

Hello Fluffy`s

Today I finally did something I have been planning for quite some time now. I made some orders, preparing myself for role plays in the future. I went on eBay. They have a lot of great stuff there, and you can put things on your "watch list" before deciding if you want to buy it or not, and to compare the products and prices. 

With the equipments above I can do several role-plays doing different doctor/nurse related check ups, and also make som latex gloves sounds with the 3Dio ears. All this are professional tools , which can be used in real life too. Meaning it`s not toys. I can use them on myself or others. I`m not a doctor though, or even a nurse, but sometimes it can be nice to check the blood pressure or listen to the heart, just to see, or listen that everything seems fine. 

And back to the latex gloves!! May I tell you that this gloves are not the powder one, which means that the sounds can probably become pretty intense and make a really... what can I say?... nice sound.

I'm excited! 




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