ASMR Whisper Coloring & Page Turning Relaxation

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears (not titty bears or tutty bears as some thought in my comment section, lol XD )  and happy weekend!

Here is another relaxing asmr video for you guys, and I hope you will like it even if you can`t see my face. At least you can hear me breathe and... swallow.. Ok ok ok, I`m putting the bad jokes aside now. ^^ I can be pretty goofy sometimes. Probably because I find it extremely funny. ^^

Right now I`m waiting for the last package for my fashion haul to arrive, and I was so happy when a text message ticked in this morning about the delivery. The fashion haul is already over forty minutes long, and I will try to make a quick review on the last sweater and make an outfit try on for you guys. I`m so excited to upload this video and show you the beautiful clothes. Hopefully I will manage to get it up during the weekend. 

Happy weekend fluffy`s and take care!!






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