ASMR Whisper StyleWe Fashion Haul Unboxing & Try On review

Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

Finally it`s here! The fashion haul unboxing that I have been telling you about. Yesterday I recorded and edited the last piece, and now it`s up on my channel. 
I recorded the try on/fashion show outside. I hope you like it and find it relaxing and tingling, as well as inspirational. 
I`m so happy for this opportunity, to cooperate with this company.

I love fashion in general, but especially high quality design, and more personal fashion design, where there is more focus on the designer and the story behind. Making this video was full of excitement. I think they have a lovely concept featuring independent fashion designers, and keeping the prices at a reasonable level for the fashion consumer to enjoy. I`m very happy I can share this with you.

StyleWe Website: http://bit.ly/2a9dNOY

Have a beautiful day or night and take care!!





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