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I wonder if this is the most requested video... 

Those days you feel you record the perfect ASMR video, and you discover the whole video is blurry and unfocused. Don`t worry. I recorded the video all over again, more focused this time. I wonder if it is because of the strong sunlight outside. It seems like the summer finally has arrived to Norway. And of course, the camera was to close to my face without using manual focus. Then the autofocus can act a little bit crazy. 
So my scalp have probably never been so clean before. lol. If I seem a little bit upset or anything negative don`t worry. First, I don`t wear makeup today, so I look like someone who didn`t get much sleep tonight, or maybe a sick person.... Also, my skin is in a bad condition this days. I have been in an extremely bad mood for over a week now. I don`t know why. I just don`t feel good. My energy level is also little bit down. But don`t worry.... again...^^ That`s why I`m working from home. I believe I will always manage to record videos for you guys, because I like it so much, and it`s my therapy and kind of my little baby. 

You know, I could have waited until tomorrow and recorded it all over again, and have the same happy energy level as the first video I recorded today, but I couldn`t wait becasue I want to give you something as planned. I have my schedules that I really like to follow up, and I don`t tell you about my schedules, because this schedule is just something for me to hold on to. I will try to at least upload one video every week, even if I`m sick. Well, maybe not if I`m physical sick. Like having fever, pneumonia, the flue, and you name it. Or if I`m in a hospital. Well well well. But I hope you understands what I mean. If I`m feeling emotional sick, I will try to record anyway, and at least give you one video every week. I just think it`s the least I can do if I`m going to keep this show running. 

Stay tuned for an ASMR shampoo sounds video. There will be hair brushing, hair spray, towel sounds, shampoo sounds, and some hair treatment. 




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