Internet haters and trolls

I`m taking back the steering wheel

I`m so fucking pissed angry (bad words) ... extremely tired of all the people out there that are trying to bring me down. I can`t stand it anymore. People can just be so cruel and disgusting in their comments, and I don`t want them on my channel. I don`t want them in my life. There are a lot of nasty people that has subscribed to my channel, even if they don`t like me and my videos. I can read a nasty comment, and when I go into their youtube channel, I can see that they have subscribed to me. So how many of my subscribers are really here for the right reason, and who are only here to spread hatred? It`s like a crazy kindergarten without any grown ups to take care of them, or a mental hospital for grown ups. And sorry guys, but you have come to the wrong place. 

And I know. It`s not about me, and all this cruelty paints a picture about them, and not me. And so on, and so on...And comments in general, positive as much as negative does not define me, and does not really matter in the end. I`m the only one that can give myself value. But...

Lately it has been really tiring with all this hate and negative energy. I don`t enjoy making eating videos anymore (at the moment, but that will change) because of all the nasty and shitty comments. I found it really fun entertaining and doing something different when it comes to ASMR eating sounds. I wanted to play with the food and drinking sounds and just have a good time connecting with the people who appreciate my ways of doing it. 

I have so many views on my eating videos but so much hate. Why are people watching something that they don`t like? And why are they being so rude and disrespectful on my channel, just because they don`t like it?  

I would prefer to have a closed community for only the people that are my supporters, and not let the haters in. How do I do that? I don`t need all the "you are disgusting" "You are a pig". "you are this" and "you are that" and all the commands and threats. Some people really changes when they are alone behind their computer screen, and they think that they can say whatever they want to.

If you don`t have any positive to say or constructive, don`t say anything at all. But whatever. It doesn`t help to teach people how to behave. That`s not my job. It will never work in a million years. If people want to hate, they will do it, and they will never stop. And if you are saying something back, you are feeding the trolls, because a discussion or attention is exactly what they are seeking for, from me or from you, and they will never, like NEVER stop.. It`s a trap.

It`s no point in filtering the hate comments either, because then I will have to read more hate. I could block every comment but that does not help, because there will always be new trolls out there. 

From now on I will close the comment section, except on my latest one, two or three videos, and from there block commentators that is clearly there for the wrongest of reasons . The hate usually don`t start right away, and then I don`t have to deal with hate on a video I made months ago. I don`t seek up this comments anyway, but they will pop up, and be at the top of my comment section, so there are no chance I can`t skip the hate completely.  
I will also make the thumbs up button invisible for anyone to see on my oldest videos. If you truly like my videos, the comment section and all the views, and thumbs should not matter to you anyway. So if you want to leave a comment or a request you can do it on my latest video, at least within the 24 hours. If you are one of those who only comes to my youtube channel to enjoy the hate comments, you have come to the wrong place!

For the closed community. Well, I have my facebook, and you can always leave your comment there. All my videos are there. I will block people that are rude or disrespectful.

The trolls are not only disrespecting me, they are disrespecting you too, by taking away my joy in making videos for you. I lose a lot of feedback from my ASMR supporters, because I get lost inn all the negative comments that makes me stop reading, because it just get to much.

And yeah. I know I should have a tick skin and all that when I`m exposing myself, and I think I have. I`m just tired of swimming in an ocean of hate, trying to read my supporters feedback, and give them my thank you. Even for me it can get to much, I´m only a human. I have my limits, and enough is enough, and I`m setting some boundaries for myself and this channel. There is no weakness in closing the doors on bullies and saying "enough is enough".

I will never stop making videos. I will rather just stop reading comments. So don`t you worry my Fluff`y. I will continue making ASMR youtube videos. And I will never change myself to please anyone else. It`s like " take me as I am, or find someone else to watch!" 

And last but not least. I want to thank everyone that has been supporting me through this craziness by giving me thumbs up, leaving nice comments, and messages, and defended me in the comment section and confronted the trolls. It has not gone unseen, and I appreciate your effort, and that you care. 



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