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Stay tuned for another fashion haul unboxing try on video. This time some summer clothes for warmer days. There will maybe be another video up first. One video I`m planning on recording today. Just don`t want to much sponsorships videos after each other. I think I should try to make at least one week between a sponsored video. I don`t want my channel to become all about advertising, even if I only promote products I like and will use for myself.

Something I`m thinking about:

There are different kind of clothes out there, and I think that is a good thing in many ways, but it can also be backsides that are not that good. Something are cheap and something are expensive. And you get what you pay for. If you pay more you will usually get high quality, meaning it will probably last you longer, because of more expensive materials used, and more details. Like for example a more solid zipper that will last you longer. There are a lot of different zippers out there. Some more stronger, and some you can`t expect to last for years. Or there are some exclusive fabric used, and the working condition is maybe also better. Meaning the worker get more paid, meaning you must pay more for the garment, which is a good thing. I don`t really now for sure. Just something I`m thinking about.
Sometimes it`s fine to have something that are not that expensive. You don`t have to be so careful with it, and also it`s maybe not ment to last more than a season. Maybe you get tired of it, and then it`s good it wasn`t that expensive.
If I spend more money on a garment I plan to wear it for years, and I want to be more carful with it. Some clothes are high quality, and some clothes are really bad quality. But if it`s bad quality I would not wear it, because that means something gets broken right away, or that you can see that something is really wrong with the product. 
And then there are the clothes in between. Not bad quality, but not high quality either. Just something in between that are probably not ment to last you forever.  Like ok quality. Some people can't afford expensive clothes and I think it`s nice with cheap options to. And also, I don`t think everything must be high quality either when it comes to clothes. You use it for a period of time, get tired of it, and then throw it away. In this video there will be clothes with ok quality. Not high quality, but not bad quality either. 

Have a beautiful day or night and take care!





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