Soon Very Soon

Stay tuned Fluffy`s for my lipstick collection and application. I hope you will find it relaxing. :-) 

I`m using the 3Dio Free Space binaural mic this time. I know that many people prefer the clip on for the intense sounds. I will just have to switch between this two microphones to make everyone happy. The days I`m wearing the clip on I must be more aware of my hair, for it to not get in the way and make the sounds all noisy. But some may like that too? I really like my clip on tho, so don`t you worry. I will not stop use it completely. I will try to use them both as much. 

I will also try to get back to the weekly eating sounds videos. At least record one every other week. I love eating with you guys. The comment sections will unfortunately be closed for these videos, as I mentioned in an earlier blog post.

Happy weekend, and take care!





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