ASMR Eating Sounds

Hello Fluffy`s

ASMR eating sounds is now up on my channel, and I hope you will enjoy.

As I mentioned earlier in a blogpost the comment section for my eating videos will be closed, and the rating invisible for the future. This because of all the tiring negative energy I experienced through hate on this videos. Like rude, offensive and judgmental comments and commands and threats. I don`t have time or energy for all that. I must give my energy to those who actually appreciate my channel and videos. I believe eating videos are so common outside the ASMR community that there will just be to much other people watching this as well, that are not into ASMR. I can`t complain, it gives me great views, but that does not mean I must open up to all that hate. You can show me your support by giving me your thumbs up. And now I will try to not mention this anymore. People that are curious enough will find their way to that blogpost, and also this.

A lot of you love the way I make my eating videos, and how I whisper, eat, drink and tap. I know this because you have let me know. And my eating videos are for you guys, and I appreciate you so much. :) 



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