It`s not about the looks

I just want to say some words about achievements and looks.

How you look on the outside does not control or define what you can achieve in life. And things that only depends on looks are not healthy, and something that at least I don`t want to surround myself with. What you feel about yourself means everything, and you can achieve whatever you want to if you truly believe in yourself, and really enjoy and love what you're doing from the bottom of your heart. It`s important that you're doing it for yourself, and not because of others, or the wrong reasons.

It can sometimes be difficult to find yourself, when you are surrounded with all this expectations from everything, and everyone really. And all this ideals.
And it`s also ok to try and fail. Trying and failure will lead you on the right path eventually. Sometimes it`s right in front of your nose, while you're looking ahead of it. Well well. It`s basically me I`m talking about, trying to share with you some personal thoughts and feelings. 

I have gotten a lot of comments on my looks lately and I will just have to say to you, that is not why I have a growing youtube channel, and for you that may think so, it`s so wrong.
I`m me, and I`m happy with myself. This is something that I had to decide and work on. I have come to understand that when it comes to achievements in life it all boils down to personality and what you have to offer from the inside. If you are a nice person and are pretty on the inside, you will get this glow that makes you pretty on the outside as well. Not just pretty. Beautiful! The ideal women is just a borring empty shell without personality, and does not exist, only in our mind, and it`s time to get rid of her. Well, of course I`m not talking down on model pretty faces. They can have an awesome personality as well. But then again, who decides what`s a model pretty face? I think that is individual and a matter of personal taste. And that is great, because it means that everyone can be a model pretty face for someone out there. You should never think you cannot do this or that because of looks. Never!!

Just remember!!


How you feel about yourself will also affect how you relate to others in life. If you hate yourself, it`s easy to think that other people hate you too, and then you assuming, and ruining relationships because of self destructive thoughts, that has nothing to do with the truth and reality. And if you are not happy about yourself, change it, and if you can not change it, accept it. 

What`s living inside of you? Who are you? Everyone has something special about themselves. Find it and embrace it. I`m not more special than you. I`m not better than you. I`m just as you, a regular, normal human being doing me.

A wise lady said to me "Everything is not about you." In the back of my mind I kind of knew that, but I had not really been giving that much thought before she said it to me, and when I started thinking about it, it dawned on me that it had been much like this in my life "everything is about me and my feelings". 
She said this to help me cope with fear of rejection in life. Rejection related to work or even personal relationships. I was always thinking it had to be something really wrong with me if I got rejected. That I wasn`t good enough, pretty enough, interesting enough. But no, it`s nothing wrong with me, but it is about them, and their experiences in life, and also chemistry and personal needs and taste. 

Love what you are, and don`t try to be something else.

Do You!


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