ASMR Role Play Preparations and Privacy

Hello my dear and Fluffy Teddy Bears

I want to do more roleplays in the future, and now I`m preparing myself for some doctor role-plays. I wish to be the best doctor experience you ever had, and I`m going to try to do my best, which I`m sure is not going to be the easiest challenge.

It`s not that easy for me to record every ASMR video I want to do right now because of the refurbishment situation. People are asking for a house tour  because they think my hause is so beautiful. Let me tell you. Most of the house are a total mess. It`s not like my bedroom. The bedroom is the only complete room in the house right now. The kitchen and living room is soon finished, but the last part is a big job and will not be done in a day. 

I`m not going to have a house tour, because of privacy og security reasons, but I`m going to record in my kitchen and office when it`s finished. For me to be able to continue what I do, I need to protect my private life and have something for myself. And that is also why I would not be a great vlogger, because I don`t want to be to private. I will only blog on my other channel when I`m doing something special. Traveling or something like that. But vlogging everyday would not be a healthy thing for me to do. This is something I`m starting to feel stronger about now that I have so many followers. But I don`t mind being personal. It`s a huge different in being personal, and private.
Private stuff should stay private, and for me my relationships is something I want to keep private and not include in my videos. You know that I`m married, but that is also all the information I want to share about that as well. I may sound a little bit harsh, but it`s important to be honest about my boundaries. I need to keep the professional distance. I can`t have private contact with my supporters because I need to protect myself. I don`t want to go into friendships through my job over internet. Relationships is something I must work on in my private life, the life that has nothing to do with my youtube channel and social media. The life that you can see outside your window. Youtube is something I love to do, It`s my job, and it is the relaxing fantasy world I have created for myself and I appreciate that you want to be a part of Solfrid ASMR. Remember you are a Fluffy Teddy Bear. ;)

This must maybe sound really strange to you, but the thought of being recognized on the street or just outside in life, and strangers coming over to me to say hello are something that makes me really uncomfortable and anxious. It would probably be totally ok, but I`m so good at thinking about the worst scenarios that could ever happened. And truth to be told. I think I must take precautions, and not just because of youtube. Sadly there are a lot of crazy people out there that can harm you.
Newspapers have contacted me because they want to interview me, but I don`t want to. You can never know the intentions of an interviewer and what kind of beliefs and attitude they have, and you are put in a very vulnerable situation, where they can really hurt you, and I do not need or want that kind of attention. 

Behind this door is my future office and recording studio for more advanced videos I`m planning.

And it looks like this now.

Patience is all I can say about this....

Have a beautiful day or night My Fluffy Teddybears and oh oh oh. It`s weekend now! Happy weekend!! Take care of yourself and take care!




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