Ring Light Here I Come

Hello Fluffy`s 

I hope you all had a great weekend! 

I have been thinking a lot about the lightning for my recording setup lately, because I haven`t been completely satisfied with it. I have mainly used the day light outside, which can be great if I`m sitting in the right position, and it`s cloudy. But I can`t really depend on it, and I just need something that I can control to make my videos the best, and give my viewers a good experience. 
This weekend I spent some time (hours) finding the perfect light that I think will be great for my youtube channel and setup, and I`m just so thrilled and excited about this.

So I have drooled on the Super Nova Diva Ring for some days now, and I was about to purchase it when it occurred to me that it would maybe not fit into my european wall outlet 240 V. I sent an email to ask, but typical me I was very impatient, so I started looking at their webpage to see if they had some similar options that I knew would fit, and they had. I went on youtube and watched some reviews and I ended up buying another ring which I hope will be as good as the Super Nova. It`s important to me that I can dim the light to adjust to the daylight and nightlight.
Also, I did receive the answer for my questions today, and they said I could have used the Super Nova with an adapter. But however, I think I will be satisfied with this other one as well. 

So I ended up with the "Prismatic Halo Ring Light" 240V European version, and I`m just really excited to test it out. I also purchased a light stand for this. 

The difference between the Prismatic Halo Ring and the super nova is that the super nova you can attach to a tripod, which I think is great. I don`t think you can do that with the one I purchased. I need a light stand. But then again, the light stand is supposed to give more support. I already have two light stands from a studio kit I bought years ago, and I think it will come in handy later on. It includes light stands, umbrellas, Backdrop Stand Frame and white, green and black backdrops carpets. Hm.... Other differences between these two rings... The Diva ring comes with a diffusion cloth and mine have som hard plastic covers. Other than that, I don`t really know.
Oh... Mine comes in a carry bag.

I think I want to make an ASMR unboxing, review on this ring light when I get it

Good night!


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