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Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears

Stay tuned for an ASMR Whisper Ear To Ear Counting to 200 in Norwegian. A video in Norwegian has been requested a lot, and I don`t want to disappoint my Norwegian supporters, so I found a way to add it into my video.
I really prefer to talk english in my ASMR videos. I feel more comfortalbe and it`s easier to be myself. Talking Norwegian makes me a little bit uncomfortable.  When I`m talking english I feel I`m going into my fantasy world where I can relax and be myself, and I prefer to be there. The place that has no name. Also I really love to practice my english, and to know that I can reach out to the world, and that everyone understands me. But of course. I will read, or say something in Norwegian from time to time, and also I want to learn you Norwegian in the future. But I will mainly talk english on my ASMR channel.

I just love to talk english with you guys. ;-D

Stay tuned my dear and Fluffy Teddy Bears. I`m so blessed and lucky to not be alone in this Fluffy Teddy Bear world. Thank you for staying around. Close your eyes and follow my voice and you will be there. 

Have a beautiful day!




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