Are you vegetarian or vegan?

Are you a vegetarian or vegan?

That is a question I get asked frequently in my comment section, and from now on my public answer is no. I`m not anything. I eat food that I love, and that I feel is right for me. Vegetarian food, and sometimes vegan food happens to be something I like a lot, and which I feel works for my body and mind. I don`t want to have this label on me that says vegan or vegetarian, because I know this can be held against me in the future, and I don`t want the interference from others when it comes to food or how I live my life. What I choose to put into my mouth are private, and I don't want to be a part of any community that exclude anyone else. I don`t want to be a person looking down on people who eats meat, pointing my finger, thinking I`m better, because at the end of the day I`m not. 
I do what feels right for me, and I don`t have the need to interfere with what other people do. People comes from different situations, countries, and have different stories and point of views. There are no black and white. 

If you want to make a change, you should start with yourself, and people might follow if they don`t feel pressured, and feels it`s right for them. You should never force anyone by making them feel quilty and bad. Well... That is at least what I believe. ^^

It`s a big difference between facts and opinions. Opinions are something personal that comes from one persons point of view, but fact is something that is real. I don`t see anything wrong in giving people facts if they ask, but telling that person that he/she is like this or that because of the facts is an opinion. And of course there are exceptions. Now I`m just talking about the level of interfering in how other people choose to live their lives and what to believe in.


- In your ASMR eating videos you eat with your mouth open = Fact

- You are a pig, disrespectful and disgusting because you eat with your mouth open = Opinion

- She is a scientist and you an ASMR artist on youtube = Fact (Random example)

- She is smarter than you and doing best, and you are just lazy and crazy, and will not achieve anything meaningful and great in life = Opinion (Random example)

- She suffers from anxiety and depression because she said so = Fact (Random example)

- She is just lazy, crazy and doesn`t really care about anyone but herself = Opinion (Random example)

- Animals suffers from the meat mass production = Fact

- Animals experiences fear, stress and pain = Fact

- You don`t love animals if you eat them =  Opinion (not my opinion, Just an example)

- You are a cruel human being if you eat animals = Opinion (not my opinion, just an example)

At the end of the day, opinions can hurt you really bad if you mix it up with facts, but opinions does not really matter because it`s not the truth. It`s just an opinion, and opinions paint a picture of the person with the opinion and has nothing to do with you. You know yourself best.


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