Stay Tuned

Stay tuned Fluffy`s. An ASMR Coloring and Page Turning Session 2 is soon up on my channel, and this time no talking. Let us just say I need to recover from last weeks internet trolls.

My comment section is closed on all my videos, and this time it will stay like this until I get tick skin. It is a process. I will always have the comment section open on the newest video for 24h or more, except maybe my eating videos. So the communication will not be completely shut off. I get pain in my fingers unable and disable all the time, and I`m kind of confused going back and forth not knowing how to feel about this. All the hate are exhausting and gives me headache. Just to many opinions and negative energy. 

I haven`t forgotten my supporters, and today I just got myself together and did what I had to do, make a video for my Fluffy`s that deserves it, and it was really nice to get to work with what I love to do. I was thinking " I have a job to do, and now I`m gonna do it." "Someone out there are waiting for me and appreciate my channel."  It was a lovely thought and feeling.

I appreciate you so much! Thanks to my viewers and subscribers I now have a job that I really enjoy. Of course there will always be downsides with everything. 
"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It`s about learning to dance in the rain."

Stay tuned!



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