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Hello my Fluffy Teddy Bears

I`m starting with something new. It will be a video series called "Important Topics, where I talk about something that I find interesting and important, trying to share information, raise awareness, and ask some questions. I will try to talk about this in the most respective manner, trying to not be judgmental or give you the feeling that this is the only way, or the right way. 
The topics will probably revolve around fashion, beauty, food, health, nature, and animals, and I will stay away from religion and politics. I don`t know how often I will make this videos, but probably every one, two or three months. Hopefully it will be relaxing for you, and maybe help you sleep.

You are welcome to share your point of views, experiences and opinions.

And also, I have enabled the comment section again..... I know, AGAIN. Like what`s going on with me? :-O,  I have decided to stay away from the comments on my eating videos and old videos, and deny myself reading them. It was really difficult for me to stay away recently, but I will for the sake of my piece and happiness force myself to do that, and just close my laptop and do something constructive and uplifting with my time instead, that brings out the positive energy. 

Have a nice day or night, and take care!

Happy weekend!



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