Craving Makeup

Hello Fluffy`s

Can you believe it. I`m sitting on my laptop craving makeup like a crazy person. I want to buy this, and I want to buy that, and it dawned on me it`s kind of a long time since I bought makeup. Lol. I wonder if it`s because I`m not allowing myself to wear anything for a month, except lipsticks. And I wonder if I`m gonna allow myself to do my brows as well. Just a tiny bit. hmmmm. 

Some of you recommended I try wash my hair with cold water as well, without adding anything, and I did tonight. It felt lovely. I only massaged in some rosewater to my scalp afterwards, and then added some leave in conditioner oil to the rest of my hair. I will try this ass well for four weeks, and see how the result will be. I`m just thinking. " Why did I not think about this before?" Like no shampoo at all. 


Just an old photo.

Thank you so much for all your nice comments and support, and I`m so happy so many of you liked my ASMR Important topics video.
Several want me to speak in my normal voice, but I dont want to do that. Whispering is my thing when it comes to ASMR, and I want to keep it that way. But but but... You can always follow my other youtube channel "dopyen", where I speak in my normal voice. I`m not uploading much on that channel at the moment. I`m focusing on Solfrid ASMR. But hopefully there will be more vlogs, and maybe some other stuff up there in the future. But then again, ASMR will always be my main channel on youtube, because that`s where I can express myself in a creative way. I feel more at home there, in that quiet, relaxing atmosphere, and I also feel that I`m doing something important when I`m helping people to relax, tingle, and feel better.
On this channel I`m able to upload regularly, and it all comes very naturally because I enjoy it so much. I don`t think I would enjoy just doing the normal youtube thing. I would not be able to upload regularly, because it doesn`t make me happy in the same way.
I have come to understand that you must really enjoy what you are doing to do it on a regular basis.

I kind of feel that I have found myself. It`s like ASMR brings out something in me. Something I haven't had a chance to express before until know. It`s a good feeling, and I like it. 


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