ASMR Thinking Putty Sounds Relaxation

Hello My Fluffy Teddy Bears. 

New video is up, and I really hope you will find this video relaxing and tingling.

Here is me without any makeup. Buhuuu... But I just think i`m doing something important for myself, experimenting with cold water and no cosmetics. The goal is basically to not need foundation on a regular basis anymore, but don`t ya worry. I could not sleep tonight, so I bought some makeup and clothes online to make myself feel better, and that I kind of needed, that will be up in an ASMR Whisper Makeup & Clothes Shopping Haul in da future. I also stopped by h&m yesterday, because of something else, which I almost never do, because I prefer online shopping when it comes to fashion and beauty. But I thought to myself I wanted to try out some of their eyeshadows, to try to create an awesome look later. 

So then I went to bed 2am trying to sleep. Then I started to think about my eyebrows. How I have tried to grow them out for maybe two years now, and they do not look complete, and if I just let the grow wildly I feel a little bit weird, so to speak. So i figured out I wanted to try to just do some small changes to make them look more even. So yeah... I`m much more happier with them now. Not too big changes. I really prefer natural eyebrows, but with a little bit of a feminine lift, and touch to it. Some hair had to go tho.... BUhuu... But If I regret they will probably grow back.

Then the clock was 4am. ZZZZzzzzzzzz

Have a nice day Fluffy`s and take care.



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