Done Being Used

I`m not doing free sponsorships anymore, except one package that is already on it`s way, and also sometimes if there is something that I really need, or planning to purchase myself.
I can put it like this. I`m not advertising for other companies for free anymore, and as always, I do not advertise products I don`t want to use myself. Companies are contacting me because they want me to do a job for them, so they can earn money from it, so it should only be fair that I as well get money/a paycheck from the work that I`ve done. And at least now that my channel has grown, and my view rate is pretty good, and better than many people with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Yup. I`m paying attention. The thing is. We all need a paycheck to pay our bills and live our life the way we want to. There is no exception for a Youtuber. You might call me greedy, but nope, I`m not. I just need money, just like you, and just like everybody else. And truth to be told. I don`t need a lot of products, and new things in my life all the time. Sure it`s fun, I mean, was fun,especially in the beginning, but it does not pay my bills. I would rather have a well organized wardrobe with not too much clothes. When I have to much, I will not have the time to use everything as much as I want to. And also, it`s difficult to have a tidy system. It does not help me that companies are throwing clothes and products at me, when I don`t really need them. You will maybe call me lucky, but I`m sure you would probably have gotten to this point yourself if you were in my shoes. I just don`t want to fill up my home with a lot of products that I don`t really need. I would rather wait and find a couple of good and solid companies that I can work with regularly. And you probably did not know this, but at least here in my country Norway, free sponsorships are not free. I must pay tax for the value of the product. Let`s say I get a free sweater from a company, where the price in their store is 100USD, and the tax rate for me is 30%. Then I will have to pay 30USD for that sweater in reality. So not only do I help the company, but I will have to pay for it as well. 

Use less
Do Less 
Think Less

When that is said, right know I have a hard time finding companies that want to pay me, and that`s fine. I`m talking about Famebit. A marketplace where creators and brand can apply for jobs, or hire.  I can also understand if companies are not able to pay for different kinds of reasons. But also, I believe many just don`t want to pay, even if they could. Why would a company contact me a second time, if they didn`t earn anything from it the first time? And when I researched I found out a youtuber with much less subscribers and views was paid from the same company, but not me. Does not make any sense to me, other than I must have been too soft, too nice, and too "new beginner without any experiences on the field". For companies it`s totally business related, and not any feeling involved, so I think it should be like that for me as well. When feelings are involved it`s easy to want to help and to be nice to a degree that undermines own needs.

Make sure to enter a symbiotic relationship​
And not a parasitic relationship

This goes for every relatioships in life, and does`t need to revolve about money

Doing a sponsored video takes a lot of energy, because I really want to help the company, and do a good job, and of course also being honest with my subscribers, and most of all, just be myself. The whole process from consider and saying yes to a sponsorship, to I`ve publish the video, it contains a lot of thinking, stressful thought, and I`m just so glad I`m finally saying no, to get som rest, and focus on just making videos for my Fluffy Teddy Bears. And when/if the day comes, that someone sees the value in me and want to hire me for real, with a real paycheck for the work that I will put in, then I will consider it. But until then, I`m just gonna not think about it, and enjoy the quiet time.

I`m done letting myself being used for others benefits. I`m done putting my life and faith into others hands, hoping they will do right by me, and give me what i want and need. The only person that can give me what I want and need is myself and only myself.

I`m done

This is my message 

Done being used

If you want anything from me you are gonna pay me good

No shit I`m doing requested things for free anymore

This is me standing up for myself

I`m done!


Basta BOM! ^^


Today I will just have to find out how I pay the tax. O gosh. Numbers are not my strongest side, but I like a challenge, and I definitely like to be in control. I could never trust an accountant. Just not a risk I would take. 
Time to jump into that cold shower, and start reading, reading and reading... and make sure I`m doing everything by the book. Bah..

Happy weekend my dear and Fluffy Teddy Bears!

Stay strong!



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